Day one… Saying Goodbye… 04/15/2015

Well folks… After two months of renovating my place, renting it out, getting an RV, picking up the RV and getting it ready for the road and many other obstacles I would rather not re-live… I am finally on the road. I went to breakfast with my good friend Scott then I was ready to hit the road. First of all, I have to give a few shout outs to the things, not people, the things that helped me through my years in La La land…


Bye my beautiful condo… I spent many nights watching t.v. on my chaise lounge couch… After a hard day I always looked forward to just kicking off my shoes and watching movies or a series on netflix… I will miss you and I hope the new tenant enjoys this beautiful place even more than I did…


Bye bye my 2003 Toyota Camry… Never once did this car let me down and I sold it at 118,000 miles… My Mother bought it brand new and then sold it to me when I moved out to California in 2007… From the first day we left Boston to drive to California, it was a match made in heaven… If anyone is looking for a great, reliable car… This is the one… They kick but and I will miss her badly… I’m glad it went to John, who sold me the RV… I know he will enjoy it just like I have over the years… Now to see what I traded her in for…

Georgie Boy

Here she is folks… the “Millennium Falcon” or should I say “Eagle 5,” lol… a little “Star Wars” and “Space Balls” humor for the geeks… but I will call it the “Millennium Falcon” for now… “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts kid…”

This RV has everything you could ever need on the road… I will get more into detail about my new bitch later… But for now a little about my first trip…

So here is my dilemma… I have my RV packed with all my valuables.. I sold all my furniture but still have about 15 boxes full of stuff and a 65 inch flat screen which I just couldn’t give up.. So before I actually start relaxing and seeing what this beautiful country has to offer, I have to drop all this stuff off in Boston… Since that is pretty boring to blog about, I figured I would make it a challenge… So to really test out my RV’s capabilities and to get to know her I decided to rough it out on the way back… So, I am going to see if I can make it all the way back to Boston without hooking up anywhere… It’s called “Boon docking…” How this works is you only use the resources of your RV without hooking up to a camp site or a rest stop… So I have to live off of the 40 gallon tank of water, for showering, washing up, ect… without refilling it. Of course I have to stop for gas but that’s it… Everything else I am relying on my RV to give, so we can really get to know each other in this new marriage…

But enough of the back story… let’s get started with day one…


Here I am, leaving the smog… I know it’s not that great of a pic but you can see the smog hovering over the mountains… Definitely one of the things I won’t miss about L.A. but it has become a common joke in L.A. There is always this constant cloud of grey smoke hovering over the city… Not until you leave do you notice how clear the sky really is because you are so used to looking at it…


Here you see how clear the sky really is when you get out of that mountain enclosed city… Here I am just getting out of L.A. and heading towards Arizona…


Here’s the handsome navigator… give me some credit, I had a rough day… Let me tell you there is nothing more petrifying then when a good big gust of wind hits the side of your 32 foot RV… I had to pull over and check my underwear after that happened… You can see the tension in my face… But I’m sure Han Solo went through the same crap when he first won the Millennium Falcon off of Lando Calrissian in a card game and flying it for the first time… But I tell you, now I understand the value of Cruise Control… All I do is set that and steer the huge beast… It’s like driving a boat, really…

ghost town

Here’s a cute little Ghost Town I couldn’t resist leaving the freeway and seeing… I just drove by but they had the name of the town written in large letters on the mountain… Really beautiful… I tried taking picture of that but it didn’t come out good, so you are just going to have to settle with the sign…

vegas baby

Then of course I had to drive through Vegas… I was thinking of stopping and just playing $10 on a slot machine, but then I remembered that’s the type of crap I am trying to get away from… Glamour and Greed… So I picked the blurriest, quickest shot to show how much I wanted out of there… lol…

Gold diggers

I couldn’t resist this little Gold Digging rest stop in Lipton… This is where it all started folks… a bunch of settlers with an American Dream… The rest is history…


I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this… What do you think it is? A fountain… well sort of I guess… It’s a urinal… The most elaborate urinal I have ever taken a leak in… I felt like I was in a rich person’s house in Malibu… Amazing… I think the Lipton rest stop may be my favorite rest stop yet…


And here’s the sink for shits and giggles… I’m sure you are very interested in rest stop bathrooms… Wow! I don’t know about the success of this blog..

And here is where I spent my first night in my RV away from home in Overton…

first rest stop

Romantic isn’t it? Around 11:30 pm I got really tired and had to pull over…

rest stop2

That is where I found this gorgeous rest stop, where a lot of rigs were camping over night… So I figured, let’s see how i can sleep with all this racket going on…

RV 2

Well, I slept like a log and can’t hear crap in this RV, which is awesome! Well, that’s the first day folks! Now to shower and get back to traveling… See you at my next post!

14 thoughts on “Day one… Saying Goodbye… 04/15/2015

    1. Thanks Peter, it will be hard not to have a great time. It’s so refreshing to wake up in the morning and know that your day will probably be a good one. Haven’t been this optimistic in 3 years.


  1. Wish u Lotta luck Dan.I to miss Boston/ Maine…..I agree u need to blog note often…just to let us know u are still rolling….stay safe….Morris


    1. Love it & looking forward to to taking this trip with you. I will check the traveling mac daily. Good luck brother!


    2. Thanks for that tip. It works great on the wind shield. I almost don’t even need wipers anymore. I will be blogging everyday soon. It’s just hard with moving all my crap home and getting on the road permanently. A lot to do when you are completely transforming and down sizing your life. I like it now so I am for sure going to love it when I get to use my RV to it’s full capacity.


  2. Looks like you’re off to a great start! I can’t wait to follow you on your adventures! And, I have to say, your RV’s name is THE BEST!!!! Have an amazing adventure, Dan!


  3. I think you should name the RV the, MACLENNIUM FALCON. Be safe out there hopefully you’re packing a little heat in case you run into a band of coyotes.


  4. Enjoy the journey of a lifetime as you enjoy the sites on your travels. Love the looks of your motorhome – lots of room for one guy! Keep looking as the Truth is all around, in and through you!


    1. Thanks Wendy and I hope all is going well with you and Lloyd… I have been checking in on Raegan… Horrible thing that happened but she told me she is making progress… Hope you guys are well and I am so glad to hear Lloyd’s health is 100%…


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