Day Two… A failed attempt at the Grand Canyon… 04/16/15

Sorry it has taken me so long to post… It’s hard getting used to this internet and my computer is in dire need of an update.. Will be hitting Apple soon…

So anyway, I hit the road after my first successful boon dock, heading out of California and into Arizona. What a beautiful drive.

IMG_0767 copy

Here I say my final ado to California and enter Arizona. The rock formations and the way they carved streets out of the rock is magnificent. The time and effort it must have taken to build theses roads and never mind the architectural genius!

IMG_0752 IMG_0785 IMG_0789

The weather was nice and hot. I had my A.C. blasting and one of the great things about my RV is you can start the generator while driving. So if it gets really hot, too hot for my engine A.C. then I can fire up the generator and turn on my house A.C. That saves a lot of energy and is a quick way to cool down your cab when it’s unbearably hot… Here are some pictures from Littlefield, Arizona…

IMG_0797 copyIMG_0800 copy

Littlefield was probably one of the most beautiful areas on this drive. I saw a little campsite and couldn’t resist. So I pulled over for a hike… Why?… because i can…

IMG_0803 IMG_0807  IMG_0816

The trail was pretty steep and it was a workout walking through the soft earth. I even saw a little critter on my hike…


I don’t know if you can see him but he was a cute little guy, who was not afraid by my presence, believe it or not… I wish I had some food on me because I think he had the courage to approach me…


So after a brisk, refreshing hike, I hit the road again… freshly inspired by nature… the traveling bug really hitting me hard today. Every time I passed a town or a sight seeing attraction, I wanted to pull off the road… but you have to remember, my RV is packed with boxes and very heavy stuff, so it is in my better interest to get home fast, so I can actually enjoy this RV in it’s entirety. I can’t even sit down at my breakfast table because it is stacked with boxes. Here’s some pictures to give you an idea.


The thing covered in blankets to your right is the T.V… Behind the T.V. is my comfy couch but instead of serving my skinny, small ass… it’s holding boxes and has a huge t.v. tied to the front of it.


To the left is my delicious four seater, kitchen table with banquet seating on each side… It also converts into a spare bed for guests, along with the couch. Well, the table is collapsed and ready to be converted into a bed… but instead I stacked a bunch of boxes on top with a huge extra tire I could not throw away standing in front of it…


Here’s my bedroom… Sorry for the unmade bed but trying to make it is such a task since I have boxes stacked on either side of the bed… I only have space to sleep, drive  and shower.


And here’s a picture of my shower… A great shower I might add… As you can see my filing cabinet is in front of the medical cabinet and sink… I have to wheel that back and forth while getting ready… Then to top it off all my exterior compartments are full and there is a lot of outer storage on this vehicle. So I am not dealing with a vehicle that is set up for vacation, it’s actually more of a moving vehicle which I can live out of… sort of… But what a better way to learn your RV, while accomplishing a move… When all this junk is dropped off in Boston, I am going to really feel like I am on a vacation in this RV and I will have pictures to show…


So here I was, in the Millennium Falcon, heading into Utah… I had to get some fresh fruits and vegetables for my Bullit, so I pulled off at the first town I saw in Utah called Georgetown…


I stopped at a local market and talked to a really nice lady… Out of curiosity I asked her how far the Grand Canyon. She told me it was only about 5 hours away… So take a wild guess what crossed my mind… It was 6 o’clock so I figured if I drove there now, I would get there around 11pm, could get up early and watch the sunrise over the Grand Canyon… How romantic is that? Well, it was romantic by idea only…


So I entered the Grand Canyon into my iPhone and off I went. Such a beautiful, clear day until I entered Leeds…


As you can see, the clouds seem to be turning a dark grey and it’s not because nighttime was near. But the Mac, being a fearless traveler, decided that he could handle some bad weather and why not test out the Millennium Falcon in tough situations? It’s not like I won’t hit some bad weather on my year travels… so better get used to it now… right? Bad Idea! Really Bad Idea!


Everything looked clear, I had my radio blasting, enjoying the beautiful Utah desert as night fell upon me… But then 9 o’clock came around and it brought something new with it..


All of a sudden snow came barreling down! No warning… No couple of flakes… it’s like there was a line between serenity and chaos and I just drove straight into a very dangerous situation. I was driving up hill and a blizzard came pouring down. I wanted to turn around immediately but the roads were too narrow and I was afraid another car would hit me while I was trying to accomplish the task. So I barreled on… looking for an area large and safe enough to turn around. I couldn’t see a damn thing and the road was completely covered in snow, so it was really hard for me to even follow the actual paved path. One wrong turn or wrong judgement and the Millennium Falcon would definitely show me if it can fly or not. The only other way down is a very fast, scary, free falling trip to the bottom. I was scared shitless, not knowing what to do.

Finally, I came upon a stretch of road that seemed wide enough to turn around. I hadn’t seen a car for at least 20 minutes, so the risk was worth the reward. I quickly did a 20 point turn to get my vehicle in the right direction. The whole time I am talking to myself, reinsuring myself that I am a smart, brave man and I can get myself out of this.

So now I start heading down a steep, curvy, snowy road. The only thing keeping me on the road is the fact that the little marker lines that divide the lanes, are leaving little impressions where the snow has covered. Not easy to see but it was better than nothing. I am practically crying at this point as my 32 foot missle is sliding left and right as I try to make it out of this storm.

But then a miracle happened… I mean a complete miracle… Behind me, out of nowhere,  pulls up a huge rig… I was relieved to see someone was just as stupid as me.  He suddenly honks at me, so I take the hint and slow down as he passes… This truck driver had obviously been in this situation before because the speed and accuracy he displayed going down that mountain was something magnificent to me.

So when the rig finally got in front of me I was able to just follow his tire tracks all the way down. Honestly, if that rig didn’t show up, I don’t think I would have made it down that mountain. The best I could’ve done is pull over and camp until the snow went away and I was prepared to do just that. But after a half hour of following the truck, I finally made it out of the storm and back on flat land. I drove until I couldn’t see anymore snow and found a place to camp overnight… I was exhausted mentally and physically…


There was frost on the ground and it was well below freezing but I just couldn’t drive another minute after that nightmare. I turned on the generator and got ready for bed. I tried to work the heater but couldn’t figure it out. So I put some extra covers on me and battled it out. There is no better way to learn about RVing then just doing it. The heater situation sucked because it was freezing, but it forced me to figure it out the next day, which I did and I have not spent another cold night sleeping on this trip. There is nothing like sleeping in freezing cold weather to force you to learn your vehicle. Day Two started off as a great, warm traveling day but soon turned into a white messy nightmare. I will remember this night and I will try my hardest to never repeat it again.

I would like to thank that Trucker out there, where ever you are… You will probably never know what you did for me… I owe you my life because without you… there was a good chance I wouldn’t have made it out of there unscathed… Luck was definitely on my side that night and it came in the form of a grisly, well skilled truck driver. Thank you and I wish you the best regardless of what life brings you.

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