Almost Ready for Take Off! 05/15/15

Sorry it’s been a long time folks… I didn’t realize how long it would take me to get going again… I had a few repairs to do and had to wait for parts… Also, my Mums and I did a little remodeling and I used her reward points from her credit card to get some needed tools for my travels… Here’s some before pictures of my RV, just to show you the improvements we made on The Millennium Falcon…

IMG 1364IMG 1363IMG 1365IMG 1366

As you can see The Millennium Falcon was a complete mess, crowded with boxes, so the first ten days of my trip were more of going to bed and sitting in one chair when  relaxing… The rest of the vehicle was dedicated to storage… The shower was leaking… The roof vent in my bathroom tore off when I forgot to close it… So there were a lot of repairs and cleaning up to do… Ready to see the new and improved Millennium Falcon?

IMG 1283  1IMG 1284IMG 1286

Here’s the bedroom with a freshly made bed… No more boxes stored on the sides of the bed… As you can see I installed a t.v. which hangs from one of my cabinets… I chose this cabinet because it had a plug inside of it… I drilled hooks into the t.v and into the top of the cabinet so I can hang it with a clip and take it down when traveling…

IMG 1291IMG 1287IMG 1289

Here’s the bathroom, which didn’t need that much work. I did have a shower that was leaking a little and when you are boon docking, every drop of water counts, so leaks are a big no no… Now getting parts for a RV that is 19 years old isn’t that easy and costs quite a bit. I realized I needed to replace the whole shower knob unit but instead of ordering and waiting for over priced parts, I decided to see if I could Jerry rig it myself…I went to Home Depot with the original part and tried to match it up with a house shower unit. There wasn’t a good substitute in the shower section, but then I thought to myself… maybe I could use a regular sink faucet.

IMG 1290

Well, I found just that and it only cost me $17… I found a cheap bathroom sink faucet with the same fixtures… All the measurements matched up and the fact that the faucet angles over my soap tray worked out perfectly… I just put a shower hinge on the end of the faucet and it’s much better than a regular shower contraption because you have a lot more play with the shower head without pulling on the unit itself, which is probably why the leak started in the first place… I can be a very innovative guy sometimes… I know Han Solo would be proud… lol.

IMG 1294IMG 1293IMG 1292

Here’s the newly renovated kitchen… Well, not really renovated, we just put up new lamp shades that weren’t pink and cleared all the boxes off of the table. I can’t wait to wake up and have breakfast in my new kitchen… It’s going to feel so great being able to move around and actually cook!

IMG 1302IMG 1305IMG 1304

Here’s a little peak into my kitchen cabinets… I went to The Christmas Tree Shop and bought a ton of reusable dishwasher safe plastic bowls, plastic cups and storage containers… They suggest using all plastic containers because they are light and won’t break while traveling… For anyone who doesn’t know about The Christmas Tree shop, it’s a huge outlet store where you can buy cheap, unusual things like plastic kitchenware for your RV… I stocked my whole kitchen and I think it cost me just over $100… Check it out if you have one near you. The blue storage bins will be used to store my food and the wooden chest has all my spices and small kitchen things inside.

IMG 1296

Here’s my living room! There’s only one picture because that’s it… I love these pillows I picked up at Bed Bath & Beyond! They say everything about me and go so well with my couch.. Notice how the lamp shades fit perfectly. My Mums picked them out… She has such great taste. Even though I am 40 years old, I am still a Mamma’s boy and proud to state it!

IMG 1295

I installed a curtain to separate the driver’s cab from the house, so I can walk around naked in my home… Oh yeah, I know you are visualizing me right now…  Also, they suggested installing a curtain so when you are driving on those really hot days, you are not cooling your whole RV and are just cooling the cab with the engine AC.

IMG 1297IMG 1300

Here’s some pictures with my curtain open. I put velcro on the wall and the curtains so they will stay closed and so I don’t give someone an eyeful on a windy day. We got a different colored curtain for the middle by accident. We thought two curtains would be enough and when we went back for the third, they were out of that color. So we got a darker blue color and it worked out much better.

IMG 1298IMG 1299

Here’s some pictures of the cab. I hung my birthday ball from the center. The big box to my right is full of electronic equipment like my DVD player and Wii… I figured I would use the passenger seat to store it on since I’m traveling alone. It’s out of the way and easy to get to when I want to watch a movie.

IMG 1308

Here’s my new mountain bike on the back… I have it locked to the frame so don’t even think about stealing it. I got a bike so when I park my RV, I can still go to the local store and pick needed supplies up. I also got a pop up tent, sleeping bag, fishing gear with a fly fishing reel, a portable grill and a tool box for any needed road repairs.

IMG 1307IMG 1306

I will leave you with some pictures of The Millennium Falcon parked in my Mum’s driveway. She’s ready to go and all I have to do now is plan the trip. I will be docking out on Monday, May 18th and will be blogging everyday from then on. I have decided to try camping free and off the grid for most of my trip. I found an app that tells you where all the free campsites are. I plan on staying at each site for 5 days or until I run out of water. Then I will go refill, dump my waste tanks and make it to another site. Can’t get much more off the grid than that. Also, I have decided to only eat meat that I catch. All the rest will be dried food, fruits and vegetables. Remember, I only have limited money… so the more I save… the more time I get to enjoy without having to get a job. I would like to go the whole year without a job but am prepared to work if needed. I plan on eating a lot of fish considering I have all this great fishing gear and I love to fish. I will get a bb gun also and do a little hunting. I would love to learn how to skin and cook my own meat. For the ones who are screaming animal cruelty… Going to a grocery market and buying your food is a lot more crueler than hunting it yourself. At least the animals in the wild get to enjoy a free life unlike the ones that are born and bread to feed all of us humans. So, that’s it folks… I dock out in three days… Until then, I will plan out my trip and say my goodbyes to the life I am so used to living… I will see you all on the first real day of my cross country trip… The next time I blog, I will be in my new home for five days… Can’t wait to see what it looks like!

One thought on “Almost Ready for Take Off! 05/15/15

  1. Hey Daniel –
    Jack’s buddy Gordy, here. Great talking with you Saturday and have a great trip! I look fwd to following your adventures in the ‘fahlcon and plan to live vicariously while doing so.
    Peace & out,


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