Day Thirteen… A Nice Long Hike up “White Mountain” Makes Sense… 5/23/15

IMG 1452

I didn’t wake up till 11am… I was out like a light and only got up once during the night to use the facilities.. That is saying a lot considering I did some sleep tests recently and I woke up 15 times a night on average… Already I am feeling the benefits from living out in nature… No dogs barking or kids screaming here to wake me up and trust me, if there happens to be such, I will hop behind that wheel and get the hell out of dodge! Here’s a picture of camp taken from my RV in the morning…

IMG 1453

First thing I did when I woke up was write in my blog for two days before. Excited to go explore nature and take a long hike, it didn’t take me long to get out of The Millennium Falcon. But first I needed to stock firewood for the evening… You don’t want to be looking for firewood in the dark… Not only is it creepy but it can be dangerous considering I have to climb down a hill to get to the wooded area.

IMG 1454

A quick shot of The Millennium Falcon before we start our exploring… She looks so gorgeous in this light. No wonder I love her so much!

IMG 1458

Saw this little spot during my brief exploration yesterday… I figured “why not check it out?” Why..? Because I can…

IMG 1459 IMG 1463

Well, it was obviously a good choice… not that there are many bad choices out here. I was really hoping I would see a moose or a bear on my travels… From afar, of course!

IMG 1465

I got to the top of the trail, which was riddled with fallen trees and branches everywhere… you could see the effects of a horrendous winter… Some parts of the trail I had to really muscle through the damage… I got to the highest point possible. I really wanted to get a view of that mountain but the foliage became way too thick… I did get a picture of the tip of the Mountain though… You have to look hard but it’s there… “That’s what she said!” Lol…

IMG 1469

The hike was so rough I had to get myself a good, sturdy walking stick… I think the wood is birch, which burns really well and is very strong… The perfect candidate for a walking stick and if it doesn’t work out between us, it will also make some really good firewood.

IMG 1471

I know I sound like a bleeding heart liberal hippie but do we really need to state this? If you litter anywhere in this country or world, you should be ashamed of yourself! There… that guilt will stop you from doing such in the future…

IMG 1474IMG 1475

After hiking back down from my failed attempt to conquer the mountain… I decided to take a hike up the road, hoping to get a clearer view of this mysterious place. I saw this beautiful creek along the way… I wonder if there is good fishing where it leads…

IMG 1478IMG 1476

Well after hiking a few miles more, I found where one of these streams lead… Definitely no fish in these waters. You may find a few toads or eels but that’s about it… I guess fishing will have to wait until the next campsite… I’m dying to try out my new gear. I have a regular fishing pole and a fly fishing pole, so I am ready for any type of fishing!

IMG 1491

On my way back I saw a few empty campsites… Now, considering there are only eleven of them, I was shocked… All you campers who are paying to camp… BIG MISTAKE! Unless you want a pool and recreation center on site… Which I feel defeats the whole purpose of being out in the nature anyway…

IMG 1492

Well, after a nice long hike I was starving… Time to fire up natures grill! As you can see I criss crossed two large logs. There is a reason for this… Knowing I have to cook 4 different items and need three different temperatures for those items, I went ahead and built a temporary stack of wood with three levels. Now I can cook my bacon and eggs close to the flame, keep my chicken midway and have the beans at the top, which don’t require much cooking considering they are precooked out of the can…

IMG 1493IMG 1494

Well, my little experiment worked out perfectly. A lot of people forget that the level of heat is the key to good cooking. You need to know when to add a ton of heat and pull back when it gets too hot. Nothing will teach you better than a campfire. Trust me, I suffered biting through burnt bacon last night as a result. Also the chicken was overcooked and very dry.

Well, not tonight folks! I learn from my mistakes damn it!

IMG 1495

Chicken and bacon are just about done…

IMG 1496IMG 1497

Now to put the chicken aside so it doesn’t over cook and add some eggs to that delicious bacon fat! Oh yeah baby!!!

IMG 1501

Another happy, well fed camper… The food was still not up to my standards so I didn’t care to take a picture… I can show you it on the way out though… if you like…

IMG 1498

You know what I haven’t done since I was a kid?

Whittle… I used to love to carve shit when I was young. I was always outside and finding myself preoccupied with nature. When I was 9, I lived on a Blueberry Farm in Hanson, MA… There I had my own walking stick, which I held onto for a very very long time… I carved it and even made a little handle cover for it… Don’t know what happened to that walking stick but it was time for its resurrection…

While I was hiking uphill earlier, I found myself getting tired, so I naturally looked for a stick to help my struggles… Right away my sights fell upon this beautiful, sturdy piece of wood… I picked it up and used it to help me through my long hike. Little did I know that this rustic, dried out piece of nature would soon become a resurrected childhood memory… I think I will carve “The Traveling Mac” on it…

IMG 1499

Welcome to my trip walking stick… I hope you will be a family heirloom someday…

IMG 1502

Well, after a long day of hiking and whittling, I sat back and watched the remains of my fire burn down to ashes… It was another fantastic day of relaxation, nature and reminiscing…

IMG 1505

I will leave you with a picture of the final flame burning out of my fire… taken from inside my RV as I retired for the evening… It’s a wonderful life…

2 thoughts on “Day Thirteen… A Nice Long Hike up “White Mountain” Makes Sense… 5/23/15

  1. I stumbled across your blog on a free campsite website that I was reading. I find it very coincidental, after reading this entry, that you livedin Hanson Massachusetts because that is where I have lived all of my life and where I’m reading your blog from! I know I am far behind in the blogs but I’m hoping by the end of the week to catch up and stay current Safe travels!


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