Day 15… Chore Day!!!! 05/25/15

IMG 1528IMG 1529

O.k… The sink is piled up with dishes… My levels are full and I am practically out of water… So what does that tell me? It’s chore day!!! Yes… I know… Even a man who is trying to get away from it all still has a day where he has to do his chores. Luckily, the way I live only allows me to do all these chores at once. To do them separately is a waste of time, energy and most importantly… resources. That’s why camping is so fun folks. You get to let all the crap pile up and have a good excuse to do just that. But when it comes to resetting for the next camp out, you have quite a bit to do.

So I got up this morning, had my coffee, wrote my blog for the day, buttoned up the Millennium Falcon and planned for a timely departure.

IMG 1530IMG 1531

I said goodbye to my campfire and made sure no burning embers were still alive… Hopped in my vehicle and got the hell out of dodge… I highly recommend this spot and will be providing all the information on this blog in the near future with GPS coordinates so you can’t miss it.

Just make sure you have cellular data roaming in your cellphone package because your GPS runs off of the internet. Also I learned that if you are in a data roaming area, go into your apps and shut them all off. Some of them will eat away at your data roaming, especially your Facebook, GPS and e-mail. $30 later I learned that lesson and just ended up paying $20 a month more to get more data roaming and more GB’s on my hot spot. My cell phone bill is now $130. I know it sounds high but when you are camping and blogging, you need a hot spot and data roaming. Also it’s my only bill… That’s right, everything else is either paid for the year or paid off completely… Not bad for a fella who was about $20,000 in debt with all his bills and credit cards before beginning this trip.

IMG 1532IMG 1533

Here’s a last shot of the “White Mountains National Forest” I enjoyed for the last 4 days… Now to find where to dump and refill.

IMG 1534

Just around the corner there are these tiny little cabins. So cute. I watched a great documentary called “Tiny Houses.” If you want to down size your life and enjoy the simpler things, this movie is a must see. Very interesting.

IMG 1536IMG 1537

Found my place to dump and refill. It was $20, which is a little steep but the lady was really nice and informative. They have some great seasonal deals which I have posted below…

IMG 1554

As you can see, you can stay seasonally and winter is really cheap considering it is four months long… Just an idea if I want to get away from it all but don’t want to travel…

IMG 1541IMG 1540

Don’t be ashamed Millennium Falcon… Everybody poops…

IMG 1542IMG 1543

Now, while my lovely is doing her paperwork, I will use the unlimited water supply to wash my dishes and clean up a little. At the same time that soapy water is running down the hose into the septic and cleaning out the Millennium Falcon’s intestines and colon. It’s basically like a mechanical bidet… Those damn French, always thinking…

IMG 1544IMG 1545

Nice and clean folks. Now I just disconnect the dump hose and turn the water valve to my vehicle off so I can fill up the 40 gallon tank.

IMG 1546

Here’s my thirsty camel filling up her hump for my next destination…

IMG 1547

I met this great guy, Al, while I was filling up. He lives at this campsite all year round with like 50 other campers… He has been staying at this site for 20 years. I asked him if I could take a picture. He wanted to put the beer can down. I said to him “who cares.” He just chuckled and let me take my shot.

He kind of has a Randy Quad thing going on, which totally adds to the ambience. I may just be joining you Al because it looks like you and your wife have things figured out. Thanks for being such a friendly informative camper. I hope we cross paths again in the near future.

IMG 1549

Here’s the indicator… As you can see the gray tank is empty and the fresh water is full. For some reason the black tank’s sensor is misreading the levels… This happens from time to time because of the material that sticks to the sensor in the septic… But any person with a little common sense knows when their toilet is getting close to full. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

IMG 1551IMG 1552

Now it was onto filling my gas tank and propane tank. I also had a bunch of random things I needed to pick up like a bike pump,  a headlight, an axe and a saw… Now I thought I would be driving around searching for these things but am I glad I stumbled upon this place… actually the lady at the dump site told me about this store.

IMG 1553

Now as you can see it’s not a very big store… Actually it’s an old house converted into a gas station and store. It is family run and I was expecting to maybe find one of my items in here, if I was lucky. Well, these guys completely shocked me. They had everything, including a new headlight… They had all the random items I needed… I was so impressed with this, I gave the kid 5 bucks for locating the headlight for me… I had no doubt in my mind that I would be searching for these things for most of the day… Well, I was wrong…

Foster’s Crossroads, you rock, no seriously… I spend hours on the phone with huge companies that can’t get a damn thing right… I walk into your store, happy that you sold propane and gas, then to discover you had everything I needed on my list…

Foster’s even had the right air valve for trucks on their tire air pump… I have been to huge truck stops that specialize in travelers and they didn’t even have this special truck fitting… Without this special fitting there is no way of filling up your tires if you are driving a six wheel or more vehicle… I will definitely be back! Everything about this town is efficient, friendly and cost effective! Amazing!

IMG 1563

So after that great experience, I headed over to the visitor’s center and uploaded my blog on their free wifi… Everything was going perfect until my iPhone started acting up… As everyone knows, there has to be at least one problem to balance out all your happiness… to remind you that life is a constant struggle… and what better than t-mobile to ruin my perfect day…

I won’t get into it because it just makes me angry to even think about it but I will leave you with this… I spent four hours on the phone with these assholes and only half of the problem is solved. I didn’t leave the visitor’s center until 10:30pm! After that horrible experience I headed right back to my campsite. I couldn’t move onto the next camp that late at night.

So I went to bed extremely aggravated and tired knowing I had to get up in the morning and talk on the phone for more hours, trying to a find a solution… See the difference between a family run business who cares about their clientele and the big companies that just treat you like a wallet? It’s astounding! We need to take this country back from these corporate assholes! They are consuming our time and lives and we are the ones paying them!

I will leave you on that note… At least half the day was completely awesome! I will try to remember those fond memories when I wake up in the morning… goodnight…

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