Day Sixteen… The Traveling Mac’s breakfast… 05/26/15

IMG 1570

#TheTravelingMac’s #breakfast folks! This is what I have for #breakfast every morning… I mixed it up with different #fruits and #vegetables. Today I am having mixed greens, half a green apple, carrots, mixed fruit with pineapple and orange juice. My Mums got me a #NutriBullet for Christmas and I absolutely love it. It has changed my life, seriously…

Now, I’m definitely not one of those people who follows trends or even entertains such devices… because as we all know, there are a ton of them out there promising to do outrageous things for your health… But they are usually either pieces of crap, that you have to keep on replacing, or they are not convenient at all. It takes me a lot to promote anything and I will promote the #Nutribullet shamelessly…

IMG 1573

Right when I get up, even before brushing my teeth, I make one of my concoctions and gulp it down… Not only is it delicious and thirst quenching after a long nights sleep…. Your body is getting all these vitamins and nutrients first thing in the morning, without having to compete with other foods through the digestion process.

IMG 1575

I actually feel my face tingling when I drink this in the morning and follow it with two cups of Joe… Plus it is perfect for the #camping situation, as long as you have electricity… I have to fire up my #generator to run my t.v. and any plug in electrical devices that require high household voltage… So if you don’t have access to general plug in electricity, then this device is not for you…

I don’t eat anything else until lunchtime… The blend pretty much fills me up until lunchtime and it doesn’t bog you down first thing in the morning like cereal or a big breakfast will do… And most of all, for our #health conscious crowd, you don’t have to worry about getting your fruits and vegetables for the day because you have already got it out of the way… I used to eat #salads all of the time and it gets boring after a while… Now I just eat what I want the rest of the day and it usually involves even more vegetables because a meal isn’t a real meal without some carrots, broccoli or some sort of vegetable mix…

IMG 1572

Also you can kill two birds with one stone and save space in your #camper or #RV with this device because it also comes with a dry goods #blender cup. So I packed away that coffee grinder and use the #NutriBullet to chop up my fresh beans in the morning… Also, if you like to grind up your #weed, this attachment is perfect for that…

IMG 1557

So enough with my shameless advertising… I’m not getting paid for this folks, so if I advertise something, you better bet it is down right completely awesome… Ask anyone who knows me, I am extremely #anti-commercial… When I put my name behind something, it has too be good…

So, I woke up, had my coffee, wrote in my blog and then reluctantly called #t-mobile to address my phone issues… 4 hours later I was done and most of the issues were resolved except for the fact that my phone won’t pick up internet service from routers… I will tackle that issue later. I have wasted a days worth of work on this stupid #phone… it is extremely aggravating but I’m not going to go there…. I had my little hissy fits and the constant feeling of disgust and disbelief that this could be happening on such a large scale just when I have started my cross country journey… Already been there and done that… I’m over it now.

The main reason for this trip is to get away from these completely hopeless #Corporate giants. I only have one company to deal with and it’s t-mobile. They have now taken a day away form me and they won’t get anymore! If this phone continues it’s crap and I keep on having to deal with issues which consume my time, I will just throw it out of the fucking window! Seriously, I will! I’m tired of my time and patience being randomly stripped away from me at anytime. This is not the way to live and I will not put up with it! Hoora!

IMG 1557

So, it was around 4pm and I had to get some groceries… So I headed to Mark’s #Market in the center of town… Wow, what a #journey that was… It took me like 20 minutes to get to the town center. When you are living in these mountains, you are really out there, far from civilization…

IMG 1555IMG 1558

Here’s some shots of those beautiful #mountains as I took my long drive to the town center.. I got my #groceries and headed back towards camp… I figured I would stay a couple more nights just to calm down and become one with #nature once again…

I stopped at the visitor’s center to try out my wifi on my iPhone… Still didn’t work but everything else is working amazingly… Really, I don’t need to hook up to routers on my phone as long as I can on this Mac… The phone still accesses the internet through cellular coverage, so why even fight it… Just let it be… Not worth my time…

I also posted yesterday’s blog while I was there. I have an application called #Mars Edit that allows me to do all my #Wordpress posts off-line while #camping. Then when I get to a place that provides #internet, I just upload it to my #wordpress site… It really is a great feature and wordpress is a great blogging site if you are ever interested in doing such. I got the $300 package which gives me the capabilities I need to blog while camping. Their customer service is fantastic and the site is easy to use.

IMG 1565IMG 1566

So, I headed to my campsite after my day of technical chores… Here you can see a warning about #Moose… It says “Brake for Moose… It Could Save Your Life…” A little over dramatic I think but I guess this a huge problem in this town… lol… Crazy, suicidal Moose running into the middle of the road unexpected… I tell you, I kept my eyes peeled!

IMG 1567IMG 1568

Here I am heading back to my temporary home… I feel the weight of aggravation lifting off of me everytime I make my way back to camp… Maybe this is the balance I need in life… Very little reliance on #technology and a place to retreat when the world feels a little too crazy… As I said “NO EXPECTATIONS” but I am starting to see some solutions to life here…

Sorry for the boring post but I will have days like these here and there… Hopefully they come only once in a great while.. But regardless, #life seems just a little more tolerable when you have this to come home too…

2 thoughts on “Day Sixteen… The Traveling Mac’s breakfast… 05/26/15

  1. I have had one of those crazy, suicidal moose run in front of my vehicle at night, and it was in a highly populated, for nh, area!


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