Day Twenty… I Saw a Bear!!! 05/30/15

Good Morning Folks… Today was another chore day and I planned on making it to my next campsite but posting to the blog and other real life occurrences absorbed my day yet once again. No matter how far and fast you run and how many big Corporate pigs you expel from your life, they have a nice grip on you. I am still dealing with Sprint who I broke up with more than a month ago and T-mobile is proving to be another right pain in the ass.

T-mobile is the only company I have to deal with now yet I seem to be spending a lot of time with them regardless. It’s almost like they are instructed to absorb your time in one way or another. I know they like to keep their phone lines full so they can justify their over inflated executive bonuses and keep their precious investors happy with volumes of work being done. but why does that involve us suffering for them to make more money? Why is our time suddenly not important? We are the ones who pay them for Christ’s sake! Yet we spend hours on the phone for free while they make more money… I know I sound a little ridiculous and there is a lot more to the story than what I am stating but this is how I feel when I sit on the phone with yet another issue.

I just want to live life damn it! I am perfectly fine with working my ass off but when I am done with my work, I don’t want all my time suddenly stripped away from me when I get done with that work! This is what’s happening. We are so busy working, playing with these stupid devices and trying to keep our heads above water that we are forgetting what life is all about. Another reason for this trip and I am seeing the big picture out here, being somewhat away from it all, if anyone wants to listen.

IMG 1764

So I left my campsite and said goodbye, once again. I headed straight over to the dump site…

IMG 1765

They are pretty efficient out here and they really look out for each other. Before this road gear was placed over this dangerous bump in the road, one of the campers saw it and put a bundle of sticks and branches over it so people would know to avoid it. If we all just looked out for each other like this, all of the time and in all situations, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today. A perfect example of someone doing something very small and simple that possibly saved someone days of headaches with car repairs from this huge, destructive bump. This camper saved someone a lot of time and money. Thank you.

IMG 1767

Here’s another campsite. A lot of people roughing it in tents… I’m impressed. I will get there folks. Actually I was thinking of ditching all of my luxuries and going out in the wilderness for a whole week. Sometime in the future folks. I’m still freaking out at night at strange noises… I need just a little more time, but I will get there.

I headed down to the same dump site to release and refill my precious Millennium Falcon… And guess what I saw when I got there?

IMG 1769

That’s right, a bear! Well, a picture of a bear at least… lol.

I ran into my friend Al once again at the dump site. Considering I hadn’t seen a bear and was very disappointed by this, Al went into his camper and found a picture of a bear he took while camping in the same exact spot he is now… Look at that beautiful beast! Gorgeous! Thank you Al for being such an awesome person! When shit is going wrong in life and you run into a guy like Al, it makes it that much more worth living and makes you forget the stupid small trivial things. I will be back sir and next time I will bring some beer, so we can sit down and have a talk.

So, everything was going swimmingly until I got onto the computer. The blog was having problems, I had to call sprint about some stupid unresolved crap and T-mobile took some more time away explaining to me how I can get reimbursed for something that should have been resolved weeks ago. After that it was 9pm and I couldn’t even think of hitting the road for a 2 hour trip. Plus thunder was roaring in the distance, so I figured I would head back to camp for one more night.

As I was driving, rain came pouring down, in buckets. I could hardly see. When I got back to my campsite, someone had already taken it! Now I was stuck with no camp in a ferocious storm. I continued down the road, knowing there was other campsites. I found one that was elevated. It looked vacant but I couldn’t see shit in the dark and the storm, so I just took it.

It took me a few tries to get up the hill onto the site. Something was scraping in the back. At this point I didn’t care and just barreled my way up there. I was so frustrated with my day and life all together. I just wanted to go to bed. Well, I would soon find out what happened in the morning and it turned out to be quite a little mess that will cost me a couple of bucks but nothing major.

I immediately smoked and went to bed. I tossed and turned most of the night, fearing the nightmare that was waiting for me the next day.

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