Day Twenty One… The Journey to Pick up a Package … 05/31/15

IMG 1772

So folks, I woke up to a big #mess… It’s one of those messes that kind of aggravates you but you also know it’s a part of the learning experience. I’m sorry if the #journey has started off a little slow but remember I did bust my foot up pretty badly, which still hasn’t fully healed yet… I also am still learning this #RV and you will see that this mess was just pure ignorance and could have been avoided… Well, avoided by a #seasonedtraveler, that is…

IMG 1771

Here’s the #campsite I pulled into blindly last night… I need to learn that trying to park in #campspots at #night is just not a good traveler’s approach. They warn you about this in numerous #traveling #RVguides but until you do something stupid, you think you are above all the rules, for the time being that is…

IMG 1773IMG 1774

The #MillenniumFalcon seemed to be o.k. at first glance…

IMG 1777IMG 1775

The poor girl took a hit on the side last night as I scraped against the #tree on her left… I heard it right away and immediately backed off, hoping the damage was minimal… It was… Another character bump Millennium Falcon… I will patch it up but I want that #scar to show… All #warriors of this world has scars, why not the Millennium Falcon? She will wear that scar with #pride, knowing it was the time her stupid ass owner decided to make his way up a huge incline in the pitch black #dark…

Someone woke me up at 8am.. It was a gray bearded gentleman who had pitched a #tent on this #campsite… I apologized over and over, stating that it was so dark that I didn’t see his tent on the campsite… He told me not to worry about it and that he never stayed overnight because of the huge #thunderstorm… Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I was not only #parking in the pitch black dark but during a #BigStorm… Actually the #storm scared me into parking right away, so this may have not happened if there was no storm… He told me I could stay the whole #day if I wanted… He wasn’t coming back because the weather was supposed to be bad for the next couple of days… So I went back to bed and woke up two hours later…

IMG 1776IMG 1780

Here was my problem last night… I was bottoming out in the back… You see, The Millennium Falcon has a huge ass that extends 4 feet past the rear tires. So when you try to go up a steep incline, the ass scrapes the ground… I thought I was stuck in the wet mud but really I was dragging her ass through the mud. Now this would have been o.k. if I didn’t have the good old Mongy strapped to the back… So guess who took the impact of the hit. #Mongy is such a gentleman and loves The Millennium Falcon so much that he jumped on the grenade for her… What a man!

IMG 1938

This is unfortunately the result for Mongy… He lost both legs in the accident, the front one shown here, which is warped to all hell… Don’t worry Mongy, I will get you new legs as soon as I can… You are definitely a huge part of this #trip now… The Falcon and I truly appreciate your #sacrafice! Good old Mongy…

IMG 1786IMG 1791

So I said it before and I will say it again… Bye to this beautiful #town and #NationalForest. You served me well on my first leg of the trip… I learned a ton and will take those lessons with me on this journey… Look at the #clouds hovering over the #WhiteMountains… Absolutely beautiful!

So, I spent about an hour fixing the back of the #BucketofBolts. I re-strapped Mongy to the back and put his damaged round leg inside as I headed for #UPS…

IMG 1797IMG 1798

The good old #DMV or Dumb Mother Vuckers as I like to call them, decided to hold off on my registration renewal forcing me having to do it right before I left home. I’m not even going to waste your time explaining it to you because it is so dumb and is a perfect example of how the DMV goes out of its way to make people’s lives more difficult and inconvenient. Anyone would think they were doing this for free and not making any money at all because that is how they treat us. Another great example of us paying for a service and being treated like we are receiving a favor or something.

IMG 1798IMG 1800

So, long story short, my Mums had to send me the new sticker which informs the cops, which are trying to find any excuse to pull me over, that I have paid my #registration and I am fully insured. She also sent me other mail and needed things. So I had to make my way over to #Conway, NH. It was about 45 minutes away. I was o.k. with this considering I had a list of things to do like get Mongy new feet, replace the #LeftSideMirror for the third time, which I also damaged parking last night and find out why my heater is not working.

IMG 1803IMG 1807

I was actually looking forward to it actually… I love working on #TheMillenniumFalcon because she is real and I rely on her so much. It’s not like working on one of those #TechnologicalDevices where when you are done, you feel no better than when you started. No, the #Falcon shows appreciation for her fixes by providing me with the needed #shelter and being my right hand chick on this arduous #journey.

IMG 1811IMG 1813

The #drive was absolutely breath taking. The #fog hovered over the gigantic #mountains, slowly revealing its massiveness as you drove closer… It felt like a 10 minute drive and I was surprised to feel happy to be on the road again. I love #driving this #beast!

IMG 1818IMG 1821

Now my plan was to locate the UPS store, which is closed on Sundays, and make sure it is there… Something you have to do these days for some reason… You can’t rely on #internet information anymore, that’s for sure… Then find a campsite or #reststop to sleep in overnight. Then I would get up and do my #chores for the day and then move onto the #VermontGreenMountains, which are supposed to be breath taking by the way…

IMG 1823IMG 1825

So, I did make it to the #town very quickly… The UPS office was there and now all I had to do was find somewhere to sleep… I used one of my trusty #apps to take me to this rest stop but it didn’t allow #overnights like the app said, so I just located the closest #Walmart and stayed there… I hate Walmart but I have to say, their overnight option comes handy in situations like these…

IMG 1830IMG 1828

There were two other #campers there when I arrived, which was comforting… I parked in front of one of them and called it a #night… It was a good day and I felt comfortable enough here to get some good, deep, needed sleep…

2 thoughts on “Day Twenty One… The Journey to Pick up a Package … 05/31/15

  1. I’m sure you are an inspiration to the many who want to pack it all up and leave but cant because they are too stuck in their own world. I can’t wait to do this trip for myself


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