Day Twenty Two… Welcome to Walmart, May I help You… 06/01/15

IMG 1831IMG 1832

Why not start your day with some shameless, #CorporateGreed!!! hmmmm hmmmm… The site of #financial success, to such a magnitude, really makes my #spiritualBeing want to jump out and #shop!!! But since #Walmart did provide me with a place to sleep, I have to reciprocate in some fashion, even if they are a disgusting, #greedy, consuming #animal… I’m sorry to insult animals in such a fashion…

So, I went into the #kingdom of “buy, buy, buy!” I figured I would do my part by buying some #vegetables for my #NutriBullet. Just because I hate Walmart doesn’t mean I go back on my principles… I like to give back when someone or something provides for me… I’m glad I went in because I met a really nice, #hippie employee who helped me find some sliced pineapple… He looked so out of sorts working in this #money monster… He told me how he likes to retreat into the #VermontGreenMountains with his wife for weeks at a time, when the big machine allows him to do so, that is… I can’t remember his name but good luck my man. You definitely earn those #retreats working at this place. My hat off to you…

IMG 1833IMG 1834

Here I am leaving the #multi-billiondollar machine… Notice that there are two exclamation points on either side of the “Walmart” sign built into the building… A little suggestive, I would say… Wouldn’t you? I love how the #mountains are trying to hide behind the #fog… Not wanting apart of this photo shoot at all…

I was actually listening to a song called “I want to be a #Billionaire…” So now it’s no longer a #millionaire, it’s a billionaire all these kids are trying to achieve… Think about that #folks… If you really want billions of dollars, you basically want a lot of people’s money… And to achieve that financial status, you are going to screw over so many and ruin so many lives through the process, no matter how hard you try not to… So when you say you want to be a billionaire, you are basically saying to me, you want my little bit of money because the vast amounts you have are not enough… WTF! If you want to be a billionaire then you essentially want others to suffer and be poor for you to achieve that! How is that right? How is that something to look up to? How can people actually be teaching their children to think this way?

If you want to be a billionaire and are out there trying to achieve just that, then you are my #enemy… Plain and simple as that! And I don’t want to hear the bullshit story that you will give back to everyone… If you are trying to gain such status to give, then not only do you want to be rich but you want to #control everything and everyone! There is nothing noble in that my dear #friends… Nothing at all!

IMG 1836IMG 1838

So I hit the road again, fantasizing about the crap I will get to post about Walmart later… I think I am satisfied, thank you… Even though I gave them $15 of my hard earned money… The #UPS office was about 30 minutes away… On the way I kept my eyes peeled for any #BikeShops or #AutoParts stores…

IMG 1839

I did stop into a bike shop where he informed me I could get a used front tire for around $20 and the back tire could be #trued back to it’s original form. The problem was that I would have to stay another #night and I wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to head over to the next campsite so the tire would wait until I stop in a #LocalTown and have it fixed. Sorry #Mongy but I have to keep this #trip going… Too much time wasted on such things doesn’t do my think nut too well and I get pissy… so another time good old buddy… another time….

I also found a great #RVShop where the gentleman helped me out amazingly! He sold me a used #SideMirror for $50, which was the exact same as the original. My right wiper stopped working on the drive over and he showed me how to fix that… Then to top it off he showed me what was wrong with my heater. It still worked but the breaker was blowing because the motor was going bad. He said I can still use it until it breaks down completely and get a new motor later. I believe the #rain is having an effect on the breaker. You have to remember The #MillenniumFalcon has spent her life in the #ArizonaDesert, so she isn’t used to the rain… So I will try it again when the #weather dries up. At least I know the problem now and it’s not like I need heat this time of year. I can warm myself up by turning on the propane oven or just starting up my vehicle and it warming up with my engine heater…

IMG 1840

So, I finally made it to UPS… The #package was there! I took a few moments to put my new sticker on the license plate and post my #blog from yesterday.

IMG 1841

I also went ahead and put that used mirror on… It is so much better than the first replacement I got… Hopefully I can go a month without replacing this one… lol…

IMG 1843IMG 1846

Now it was finally time to hit the #GreenMountains in #Vermont! It was about a 3 hour drive and it was already 4:30. So I was looking at an arrival time around 8pm. It would still be light out then, so I started the journey…

IMG 1847IMG 1849

Look at that magnificent #mountain in the distance… You will never reach such greatness Walmart, no matter how you try… This is true greatness… A #natural form that has survived the test of time… Beautiful!

IMG 1853

OMG! Lookey, Lookey here… I must have backtracked to the #town of #Carrol,NewHampshire… There’s the #Visitor’sCenter where I enjoyed there free #wifi… Bye bye #Mountains… It was real and fun but I can’t say it was real #fun… Actually it was with some minor set backs…

IMG 1854IMG 1855

The #drive was absolutely beautiful, as usual… I passed the town of #Littleton,NH. That’s where the radio station #99.1 is located… I was tempted to go check it out but time was of the essence… I did not want to be navigating to a #campsite in the #dark… Been there and done that! I learn from my lessons… sometimes…

IMG 1857IMG 1859

Here we are entering #Vermont… The sign on the right says “#VermontInformationCenter…” I missed the welcome sign… Sorry…

IMG 1860IMG 1863IMG 1861IMG 1864

I always remember people telling me how beautiful Vermont is… Well, they weren’t lying! Absolutely gorgeous… What an amazing drive!

IMG 1871IMG 1874IMG 1875IMG 1878

Honestly, I had to be very selective with these pictures, I took so many…

IMG 1880IMG 1881IMG 1883IMG 1886

Look at those #trees at the top… I wonder how long they have been standing there? I love the #barn and the fact it has an OldBlacksmith sign on it…

IMG 1887IMG 1890IMG 1894IMG 1895

These #meadows are like something out of a #Monet painting… Breath taking… Imagine living in that barn and waking up to such beauty everyday… It has to be somewhat #SoulCleansing regardless of your predicament…

IMG 1896IMG 1897IMG 1899IMG 1900

This town actually reminded me a little of #Whitman,MA… Where I grew up… It has this lower middle class feeling to it… Like an imperfect town placed in pure #natural perfection… Where I grew up, especially the #BlueberryFarm in #Hanson,MA, I was surrounded by #trees and #nature… Nothing this great but I spent a lot of my childhood on my #Mongoose #bike and #playing in the #woods… I used to love to take #trails in the woods to other towns, cutting the distance by not following the man made paths known as paved roads… I actually had a path that lead from the house we lived in in Whitman that would take me to the blueberry farm in Hanson… God I loved that blueberry farm… I wish we never moved… It was definitely my favorite part of my #childhood… I constantly catch myself #daydreaming about those days before #life got really complicated…

IMG 1904IMG 1905

Look at this #bridge… I don’t care if you try to make it look ugly, when you have such engineering genius, it always has it’s own beauty in the end..

IMG 1912IMG 1915

They look like the mountains I am looking for… With only 30 minutes left to drive, I’m guessing they are the ones…

IMG 1919IMG 1920

IMG 1922

With a couple more twists and turns… a #graveyard passed… I was 10 minutes away from my #destination, eager to see what lies ahead…

IMG 1924

I crossed a really small #bridge to get here… I was a little nervous because it was so small but there were no signs stating a weight limit, so I turned of the main road and crossed it to enter this… I had to turn my #headlights on, it was getting dark so my timing was perfect…

IMG 1928

I parked The Millennium Falcon in the first spot I saw… I learn from my mistakes folks… No more driving up unknown roads where turning around maybe a huge task…

IMG 1931

So I hiked the rest of the #trail and found an amazingly beautiful spot right next to a pretty aggressive #stream… Unfortunately it was too dark to take any pictures that would justify its beauty… So you will have to wait until tomorrow for that…

IMG 1932

Here’s a little appetizer for you that I took on my short hike…

IMG 1934

And I will leave you with a picture of the bucket of bolts with my one living room light on behind the couch… She is one of the best things I have ever bought… I don’t think I will ever get rid of her… Love you #MillenniumFalcon… Goodnight…

4 thoughts on “Day Twenty Two… Welcome to Walmart, May I help You… 06/01/15

  1. The fact that I stumbled across this blog and we are roughly the same age and from the same place is being coincidental now. Keep trucking. I’m enjoying this blog so much!


      1. I have literally lived in Whitman and Hanson all of my life! And I’m only 2 years younger than you and I just found it incredibly coincidental that I stumbled upon your blog on a free campsite website that referenced old cherry mountain road in NH and I have been up and down that road many times and then it’s all blog history from there!


      2. I’ve literally been living in Whitman or Hanson for my entire life. I’m only two years younger than you so I didn’t know how long you had lived in Massachusetts and whether we need possibly went to high school together. I stumbled across your blog while I was on a free campsite website and I noticed a cachet of something referencing old cherry Mountain Road in New Hampshire and I’ve traveled up and down that road many times so I clicked on it and it brought me to your blog . After reading quite a few entries I stumbled upon the one where you said you lived on a blueberry farm and Hanson and then another one that also stated that you lived in Whitman and I thought it was very coincidental


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