Day Thrity One… A Little Word From The Millennium Falcon… 06/10/15

IMG 2387

Hi… My name is The Millennium Falcon. The Traveling Mac named me after Han Solo’s starship in “Star Wars,” if you happen to live in a cave and don’t know the reference… If you haven’t seen the “Star Wars” trilogy, I mean the originals, then you should be ashamed of yourself… Actually, right now, stop reading this blog and watch those films! WTF!!!

IMG 1984

When I was new, a very nice old couple bought me and left me in the Arizona Desert for 19 years… Though the weather was quite nice compared to what I could have been left in, (Let’s face it, If I was an east coast RV, I wouldn’t even be communicating with you right now) it was still very lonely… But regardless of how lonely I felt, I still had hope I would have a purpose someday… I used to tell myself this everyday and night I spent in the dry desert all alone. My enemy which was weathering me on the outside and filling my insides with dust was also preserving me for this moment I had to wait 19 years for. The day The Traveling Mac found me… or at least he thinks he did…

IMG 0729

He immediately had me repaired… got me needed fluid transfusions, got me knew shoes, had me washed and waxed and even gave me a new coat of sealant on my roof top… By the time he came to pick me up, I was looking good… Really good!

IMG 1772IMG 1584

Now the new and improved me gets to do all the favorite things I love to do in life! And funnily enough, my owner also loves everything I want to do! We go out on long drives… We camp out in the middle of nowhere… And at night we watch episodes of “The Twilight Zone” together…

IMG 1293

You see, my old owners never really used me… I only had 26,000 miles on my odometer when The Traveling Mac bought me… My generator had only 250 hours on it! I mean, I was in tip top shape and still am… I may not look like it from the outside, but I am one hot chick… It’s what’s on the inside that counts anyway… right? I know that’s only what ugly people say but I am absolutely gorgeous on the inside… I mean beautiful… But I am a one man vehicle Ladies and Gents… The Traveling Mac holds the key to my engine… no double entranda meant… well maybe so…

IMG 1370

It goes to show, never give up… You could be in my predicament also but look what happened to me… I thought I was going to rot out in that desert… Rot all the way through to my preserved, untouched insides…

IMG 1368IMG 1454

Now I am a force to be reckoned with! I have already traveled 6,000 miles and it’s only been like two months… The Traveling Mac has plans to travel with me for the whole year… Not only did he save me, I hit the jackpot! It was worth the 19 years of loneliness to get such a reward in the end and I get to live older than most vehicles like me out there, considering my condition doesn’t match my age…

IMG 0903

There is a lesson here folks and I will say it again… Don’t ever give up… No matter how bad it gets, it can get a lot better… I am a perfect example of this… If I gave up, I wouldn’t be on this fantastic, soul fulfilling trip… All anyone wants in this life is purpose and The Traveling Mac gave me just that… even though I had to go through 19 years of torture to get to this point…

IMG 1928

I hope you enjoy reading our journey and if anyone has any questions for me, don’t feel silly… I will answer, I promise…. I am eager to see what tomorrow brings and thankful that I get to share that journey with all of you… Everyday is an adventure with The Traveling Mac. For anyone who knows him personally, they know there is no possible way this trip could be a boring… No way at all…

IMG 1729

So, nice meeting you folks and I look forward to sharing my travels… It will be interesting to see where I end up and what condition I will be in the end… All I know is I am going to savor every moment and everyday of this trip and hope that my relationship evolves into something longer than this one, amazing year…  Knowing The Traveling Mac,I have faith it probably will.

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