Day Fifty Eight… Two Guys Working on The Millennium Falcon… 07/07/15

So, good news folks! There are two guys working on #TheMillenniumFalcon as we speak… #LakevilleServiceStation has really gone above and beyond to get me out of here as soon as they can… They even got me a substantial discount on my #hotel… I can thank my new friend Trudy for that…

The problem was, so far as we know, is The Millennium Falcon sat for so long, some of her components naturally wore out… Unfortunately for me, it was the computer that fried this time… When the computer goes bad, the mechanic loses all communication with the sensors, which save him a ton of time guessing what the problem is…

So, they had to first replace the computer and then figure out what other items needed to be replaced… I am lucky enough to be working with a #MasterMechanic who knows what to do with old #vehicles like mine… I am confident he will replace everything he sees as being a potential problem in the future and I gave him the o.k to do it….

So, they are going to give her another tune up, considering my distributor cap was fried… He said the parts used in the prior tune up were inferior and that I should put in the extra cash to get better, more reliable parts… Also, my two new front tires were ripped apart on the inside due to bad alignment… Now, I can’t blame the previous mechanic for that because I do travel into rough areas that could easily jolt my alignment out of kilter… So from now on, I am going to take the extra time every month and have #TheBucketOfBolts looked at… better safe than sorry considering if one of those tires blew on the highway, I may not be speaking with you guys right now…

They told me the #Falcon should be finished tomorrow… Then I am going to pick up my friend Kurt Black and we are going to visit my Mother for a week… I know this came out of nowhere but it is something I feel is necessary… (On a side note please check out my friend Kurt Black’s new Rap Song… It’s brilliant! Here’s the link… I’m not a big rap fan but this song says so much about greed and the way it’s formatted is genius! Here’s the link Kurt Black’s song “Get Money”

After the trip home, I will drop my friend back off in #NYC and I may take my friend Ray on a #camping trip… But that is up in the air right now… Then from there I will visit #Pennsylvania, #Maryland, #Virginia and #NorthCarolina…

In  #NC, I need to visit my cousin who I am proud to say graduated High School this year… Damn I’m getting old! Then while I am visiting her, I will plan out my trip over to California and the trip from #SanDiego,CA up to #Alaska… Basically, I have a lot of work to do but it’s fun work… Hopefully I will be back on the road come tomorrow… Keep your fingers crossed… Goodnight…

4 thoughts on “Day Fifty Eight… Two Guys Working on The Millennium Falcon… 07/07/15

  1. Hi Dan
    Ask the mechanic to give you all of the old parts replaced for your inspection, I know that the dist cap is warranted for at least 1 yr. I think it came from Orileys Auto Parts, I should be able to get a receipt for you so you can return it and get a store credit so you can buy anything else you may need.
    If you think back, after I had the tires installed I couldn’t get the alignment done for you as I couldn’t drive it to far as it was not tagged or insured.
    If you ever have any questions about the coach, I mean the “MF” you can wright or call any time.

    —————— MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ———————-
    John Mathews.


    1. Thanks John, I appreciate that… In no way do I think what you and the mechanic did resulted in this mess… You guys did exactly what you said you would do… I just think she is old and has worn out parts… The only way we find those worn out parts is for them to show themselves over time… So, I will take extra precaution to make sure this doesn’t happen by getting her inspected every month…
      I did get here aligned but I think all the rough roads took a toll on her over the last two months… Another thing I will keep a close eye on monthly… I’m sure getting stuck and winched out didn’t help matters also… But hey, you live and learn and I wouldn’t trade The Millennium Falcon for anything… She is a big part of this journey…


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