Day Fifty Nine… Starting to Lose Faith in Lakeville Service Station… 07/08/15


So folks, I got tired of constantly calling the service station to see if #TheMillenniumFalcon was done, so I decided to go make a visit… There I come to find that Dave has called in sick and they had to call a guy in from their #Connecticut shop to come work on my #vehicle… I also found out they never replaced the #computer… I guess Dave got communication through it somehow…

So, the guy working on my #BucketOfBolts now just got finished with the #TuneUp… I was a little disturbed to the fact that whoever talked to me on the phone told me they were almost done and were getting ready to test drive it… Only to show up and find they had just given it a tune up… Is anyone honest anymore? Does anyone value their word? I am so tired of being misled by the people who I am paying for a service… This happens constantly from the #BigCorporations all the way down to a small #TowTruckCompany… WTF!


I also discovered the tires hadn’t been replaced, the alignment not even touched and the guy working on my vehicle had no clue these tasks were on his list of things to do… So, I confronted him with the folks inside and asked them why this was not happening and why this was taking so damn long… They told me Dave called in sick and they have had people working on my vehicle today and yesterday… Kind of hard to believe considering a tune up only takes a few hours… I used to be a mechanic in my early twenties and know such things…

So, what I decided to do was basically sit there and watch the mechanic do his work… I will also get up early tomorrow and walk over there to babysit them… While I was making my presence known, the guy started to work on the tires only to find my #BallJoints were gone… This may have been the cause of the worn tires… So now they are being replaced along with a bunch of sensors the computer said were bad…


I’m starting to lose patience here folks and god help the ones I explode on because it will not be pretty… I am trying my hardest to stay level headed here but I am being tested on all levels… They said the #Falcon will probably be finished tomorrow but they have been dangling that carrot in front of my face for days now… I truly hope its soon because I can’t take another day of this crap…

I am back at the hotel now and trying to do some productive things on the computer… I just can’t go out and deal with anyone right now knowing my fate is in the hands of people who I perceive as incompetent… I wish I had more to tell you but that’s my dilemma and it’s hard to focus on anything when your fate is unknown and changes daily… Obviously this is a policy #LakevilleServiceStation likes to practice, keeping their customers in the fog and blatantly lying when the vehicle will be done… But what can I do? They literally have me by the balls here… I just hope Dave is o.k. because for some reason I trusted him… As for the others, I can’t say as much… Goodnight…

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