Day Sixty One… Still Stuck… 07/10/15


Folks… I’m still stuck here with no resolution… After a tune up, changing a bunch of sensors, new ball joints, new tires and fuel injectors… They determined it was my fuel pump… So now they have to drop my tank and replace that…

They also slapped me with a $4500 bill… They tried to slap me with another $500 for the fuel injectors but removed the charge… then they tried to tell me the fuel pump was going to be another $1000… Well, I went and picked up the $3000 and told them I’m not paying anymore than that… They are getting $4500 out of me and thats it…

They eventually  folded and decided to do the extra work for no extra charge… I can’t believe this has happened to me and my trip is essentially over… I have to get a job to pay all this crap off… It was fun while it lasted but once again the system wins! No matter how hard I try to get away from it, I just end up right back in it! My next move may be getting rid of TheMillenniumFalcon and doing the trip on foot… I may be taking some time off from this blog because who wants to hear this negative crap… I will try to keep you updated and thank you to those who followed… Goodnight…

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