Day Sixty Two… Finally back on the Road, barely… 07/11/15

Folks, I got up, checked out of #TheQualityInn and headed to #LakevilleServiceStation… I got there and my #FuelTank was on the ground and no one working on #TheMillenniumFalcon… I didn’t even go inside, I just called them because if I saw that crooked owner, I would kill him… They said the mechanic went to lunch and he will be working on it shortly… Such bullshit…So, I went to a diner, ate and tried to calm down…This trip has turned into a complete nightmare!

When I got back they were working on the vehicle… Then I found out #Channel12News came to confront the owner on polluting the environment… I guess the whole city is against this asshole and want him shut down… Wow! I really pick them!

They finally got the fuel pump done, I paid the $4500 and was on my way…. Good news is #AAA called me and told me they are reimbursing me for most of the $2800 tow that happened in the #GreenMountains about a month ago… So, I got some good news at least…

So, #TheBucketofBolts was running but still had problems accelerating… The owner’s son, who was quite cool, took me for a drive and showed me how to feather the pedal and get it home… He said it wasn’t going to be easy but guaranteed me I would get it home… Slowly but surely…

So, I went and picked up my friend Curtis in the Bronx and hit the road… OMG, what a journey this was! I am so glad I brought Curtis because he made a 6 hour trip feel like a half hour… He started calling The Millennium Falcon #Millie and giving her pep talks as we strained to get up hills on the freeway and small roads… He would say “Come on girl…” in his Boston, gossipy accent… I was laughing my ass off!

You see, the Falcon was fine when you were driving on flat ground and down hills… But she would bog down when you hit the slightest incline… I would get down to 10MPH sometimes on the Freeway, trying to get her up inclines… It was so stressful at times but she would get there slowly but surely… It was so hard keeping her running but she is a definite trooper and got us all the way home… We didn’t arrive until 3a.m. but were home safe eventually… We left at 9pm, so it took quite awhile to get home…

Curtis also kept me entertained telling me every celebrity’s net worth which he has memorized… I would think of celebrities and the majority of them he knew their net worth… If he didn’t, he would pull out his phone and look it up… Curtis really brought my spirits up in a very dire situation… Tomorrow is Sunday, so I will be looking up local mechanics and pouring more money into my injured soldier… I own her now and have to fix her… I also have to figure out how I am going to pay off all of this new debt… I may get a job on the road or stay here and pay it off… I haven’t decided yet but will let you all know as soon as I do…

This journey is up in the air but that’s what make journeys so interesting… This is a huge bump in the road but at least I am safe and healthy… Now to battle through this mess and get back on the road… I’m certainly not coming back to the I had before… I think I just may stay on the road for the rest of my life because whenever I come back to the real world I am faced with dishonest assholes and ridiculous horrible situations… Don’t want this type of living anymore and will fight to stay away from this nightmare we call civilization… Goodnight…

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