Intermission… A Rare Part Needed For The Millennium Falcon’s Hyperdrive… 07/27/15


Sorry for the M.I.A. folks… It’s been an uphill battle getting #TheMillenniumFalcon back traveling across star systems. She is still at #J&RTowing and has been there since my last post on 07/13/15… They have her running amazingly and have fixed all of her problems except for one rare part that #Chevrolet has conveniently discontinued…


The part is called an #EPROM… It hooks into #TheBucketOfBolts’ main computer… The computer is pretty much universal and used by many different 454 7.4 liter #ChevyEngines… The EPROM connects to this computer and acts as a communicator from the computer to my specifically set up #engine… Because all engines have different functions and different ways of running for different #vehicles, the EPROM becomes a very crucial part, allowing your engine to run smoothly… When this device malfunctions it sends faulty signals to the engine and makes it misfire, giving wrong fuel air mixtures which in turn makes the engine run like shit…


The #MasterMechanic who has been struggling with the #Falcon says he can get her up to #LightSpeed quickly but then out of nowhere she will start bogging down and running light shit… He would then put her in neutral and shut her off… When he starts her up again, she runs fine until that EPROM starts malfunctioning again…

Everything else is perfect on The Millennium Falcon. She has many new parts and is itching to get back to traveling… My poor baby just needs that rare part so my Mums and myself have been calling salvage yards and part stores trying to locate it… It’s like finding a needle in a haystack and in this day and age, no one gets back to you, so it becomes even more discouraging… Also, the front desk clerk at J&R Towing, Dale, has been doing his own research… We have had some encouraging bites but are waiting for those sources to get back to us…


In the meantime, I will update you on what I’ve been up to for the past couple of weeks… The pictures above are from #PlymouthBeach, where I love to take walks… I won’t lie, I have been a little depressed because I hate being in limbo… There is nothing worse than not knowing what your fate is, wondering when you will get back on the road and continue the trip you worked so hard for… I have come to terms with the huge debt I have acquired and have decided to get back to work… I was flirting with the idea of staying with the Mums and getting a bartender or waiter job in #Plymouth… My resume is amazing and getting jobs at this point is very easy for me considering I have 16 years experience in two major cities…

The problem is I just can’t stand it here! It reminds me of my past 16 years in the cities and that’s what I am trying to avoid… I feel like I am in a prison and the only thing that helps me stay here is my Mum’s amazing hospitality and willingness to help in anyway she can… Without her and my sister I would be truly be lost… I hope they never think my trying to get away has anything to do with them… It’s a personal thing and a battle with  myself that has nothing to do with them at all… I have just become addicted to that fresh clean air and relaxing silence I experience out in the #wilderness… So, I soon gave up on the idea of getting a job here and went on to see how I could make money on the road…

Then I stumbled upon two amazing sources… was the first one I explored and let me tell you, you ever buy an #RV and want a site that covers everything, this is the site for you… It is huge and has a ton of information, so be prepared to explore it for a couple of days like I did… I have learned so much reading this site and it’s most valuable tip was the second site I mentioned called…

WTF! These guys are geniuses! They have set up a site where they make it easy for you to build a resume and put all of your information you want seen by #employers in an organized, simple fashion! They make it so easy to set up and I have already been getting job offers from around the #UnitedStates… They even have a section where you can post your next available date so when you do book a job, which is usually for a limited time, you can be searching for a new one in advance… So when your work is done at the current job, you have another one waiting for you without any worry… You also can specify what #states you do and do not want to work in… You can even go and hunt for your own work if you don’t want to wait for someone to find you! I am so happy I found this site and am even happier to mention I already booked a job in #Colorado! Hell yeah!


The same day I set up my account was when I found this #VacationRanch in the middle of nowhere… Look at this place! It’s beautiful! They needed a #server with his own RV because they ran out of housing for anymore staff… What a perfect fit! I called immediately! I talked to a man named Chris who was embarrassed to say he really didn’t know how to use a computer and was out of touch when it came to such technology… Little did he know that’s exactly what I am looking for! #ColoradoDreamRanch is family run and is stuck in its own primitive time! I can’t get there quick enough and told him how excited I would be to work for a #FamilyRun establishment, conveying my disdain for #CorporateRun establishments… Chris sounded like he knew exactly what I was talking about and pretty much hired me immediately…


I start my new job on August 1st and am hoping I can get there by then… But for some reason the #Universe is going to make me work for it and I will kill to get there, literally! So with my Mum’s amazing support, we are trying our hardest to get The Millennium Falcon back on the road! Once we get that EPROM, it takes next to no time to install it and I will be headed onto my new #journey circumstances have mapped out for me… There is just one obstacle obstructing my mission and I will crush it with determination knowing there is a huge pot of gold at the end of this rainbow!

It has been a roller coaster of emotions as I tackle this and many other obstacles I have been facing in the past two weeks… At times I was ready to give up and questioned why I am met with such opposition which is all circumstance… But I have come to terms with it once again and have grown from these situations… For some reason there is a #force out there that wants to impede my search for happiness… Well force, bring it on because you are just making me stronger and more determined! Anyone who knows me understands that when I have a mission in my head, I will die before quitting! Colorado Dream Ranch I am coming even if it means driving The Millennium Falcon out there with a faulty EPROM! I will just find the damn thing for the month and a half I’m out in the middle of nowhere!


As for now, all my posts will be scattered and labeled intermission until I get back on the road… Then we will start right back where we started off! I have decided this #CrossCountry trip will now be a few years long… This barrage of mishaps has come close to breaking me but has not succeeded and will never succeed… This opposition is only making my need to #travel this world stronger and I will die before I give up on this #mission! If #HanSolo gave up then #DarthVader would have ended up shooting down the wing fighter #LukeSkywalker would soon use to eventually destroy the #DeathStar! When The Millennium Falcon gets back on the road she will only be stronger and more determined to destroy #TheDarkSide, whose inevitable destruction is just coming sooner and sooner everyday!

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