Day Four (CDR)… Prime Rib Night at The Nugget Cafe… 08/08/15

IMG 4201

Well folks, I really started to feel that #AltitudeSickness last night and this morning… It’s like you can’t think straight… I am so glad I am working all of the time because it takes the focus off of the swimminess… We are so busy in #TheNuggetCafe, I have no time to even think about the #altitude…

When I got up, I immediately cleaned and organized my room. I haven’t really had any time to settle in… There’s my trusty #SleepingBag which I use as a blanket out here… It gets quite cold at night and is usually in the 70’s during the day… It’s perfect #weather out here… The cold nights really help you sleep…

IMG 4198

Here’s a view from my window… Now, I’m starting to see what #TaylorPark is all about… As you can see there are a lot of #dirtbikes and #ATV’s in the parking lot… They also have a rental place where you can rent a #Polaris vehicle for two hours for $99…. So Taylor Park is where all the ATV nuts go to play with their toys… And let me tell you, you know they are ATV nuts just by their accents….

IMG 4200

Yes folks, the #Liberal #TravelingMac has arrived in a perfectly realistic nightmare! Most of these folks are southerners from the #Texas area and states surrounding… I am in conservative heaven folks… Not that everyone is #Republican out here but the majority are… And a good majority of these off road freaks are #ConservativeExtremists! I actually heard a guy complain that his #CattleHerding business is hurting because of #Obama…. Jesus folks, is Obama to blame for everything? Damn Obama is achieving what our enemies couldn’t achieve according to these uninformed asses… If an asteroid hit earth tomorrow somehow it would be Obama’s fault… lol!

IMG 4199

I’m starting to believe that a lot of these #southerners replace reason with excessive noise because a #vacation to them is riding around in these noisy, smelly vehicles… I really believe they try to drown out any voice that doesn’t agree with their #ideology… Whenever a voice of reason rears it’s ugly head they just start up that loud vehicle and kick up dust everywhere as they try to hold onto their ridiculous fantasy world full of engines and guns… Never have I experienced such a predictable bunch of people in my life… They all look the same, speak pretty much the same and most of them have a very standoffish attitude…

Not that #TheTravelingMac isn’t enjoying such ridiculousness… By no means folks… I am loving every minute of it because it just affirms my philosophy of what is wrong with this country as a whole… And that’s our cultures’ choice to avoid the truth by all means by keeping true to what we believe in at any cost… even if that means drowning out the reason with gun fire and loud vehicles… Our culture has somehow become more about being right instead of actually trying to discover what is actually right… A good majority of the people in this country are more concerned about keeping their own truths as truths then actually adopting the better truth… Even if their truth has been proven false without any reasonable doubt… Somehow being wrong is more detrimental to us than actually entertaining some other theory that challenges our own which has proven to help benefit our country… Our over inflated egos have become more important to protect than our country itself…

I actually was in a conversation where a gentleman said that he has “N’s” hanging from his family tree… Yes by “N” I mean that word which I refuse to post on my blog… Really folks? And there are actually assholes in this country that claim there is no #racism! And it’s usually the jerks who use this word freely behind closed doors…

I was so appalled that someone would say that in a group of 10 and no one even blinked an eye… I won’t say who said this and what affiliation he has with the park but I will tell you I hardly said a word to him after that statement for quite awhile… The sad thing is, I really like the guy and realize he has had a hard life… The irony is, he is pretty much in the same predicament as the people he hates… He is a really hard worker also… But again, I can’t help but like the guy and by no means does his statement reflect the opinions of the family who own the park…

IMG 4210

Anyway, tonight is Prime Rib night at The Nugget Cafe… You get a choice of an 8 or 12 ounce steak with all the fixings and even a freshly baked roll… We don’t serve alcohol so the checks don’t get too high but I tell you the volume makes up for any grievances…. You may bust your ass but you do make good money at the Cafe… Especially with #PrimeRib on the menu… Damn can these guys cook an amazing steak!

These #Hicks may not tip well but their love for food still puts money in my pockets… I was a little weary that the average tip was around 5 to 10 dollars but those dollars add up quickly when these guys come in because there is only one thing on their minds and that’s getting back out there to make more noise! So I guess I do benefit from these machines in some way… I can always rely on their constant avoidance of reality to keep #TheNuggetCafe running like a money machine…

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