Day Three (CDR)… Rib Night at The Nugget Cafe!… 08/07/15

IMG 4180

I am happy to say I got to sleep in this morning… Chris, the owner’s son in law who runs the #restaurant, told me he didn’t need me on until 2… I slept to about 9:30 am and got up looking for some #coffee… Now there isn’t any #DunkinDonuts out here or #Starbucks but TheTravelingMac lives above a cafe… So where do you think he went to get coffee?… and boy do they have good coffee!

IMG 4182IMG 4181

I grabbed some good old Joe and soon got ready for work…. I wanted to do a little exploring before I had to work so I ignored my lazy side that wanted to just lie in bed, got ready and planned to go for a walk… But I didn’t get much farther than behind the restaurant… I couldn’t believe the sights… Look at those #mountains! This is the view from behind the restaurant and beyond those mountains are more huge beautiful gigantic mountains… I knew right there and then I was going to climb to the top of one of these monsters… I want to see what is on the other side!

IMG 4182

The mountain straight ahead is called #ParkConeMountain and I soon learned it was not an easy mountain to climb… It is 12,500 feet above sea level and the air is so thin that many #hikers have passed out trying to climb it… I needed to hear no more and decided then and there this was my first mountain to #climb… All I needed was a day off and my #HikingBoots… But I soon learned that getting a full day off here is not so easy…

IMG 4183

Here’s the back of #TheNuggetCafe… I stood and sat out back for a good hour and a half… I was too exhausted to go for a walk and the #altitude was starting to affect me… John told me it took him 10 days to get used to the altitude and I was now starting to realize what he meant… Your head constantly feels swimmy and you are always trying to catch your breath… If I even walk at a brisk pace, I soon have to stop and catch my breath… It’s a really weird feeling because I don’t feel weak or tired but just feel out of breath… I feel like I can run a marathon until I lose my breath but even catching your breath has it’s own exhilaration… It’s hard to explain… It’s hard to deal with but exhilarating at the same time…

IMG 4186IMG 4192

As I was sitting on the bench, I felt dirt flick against my leg… I looked down and there was a mole trying to block up his hole… If you look close at the second picture you will get a glimpse of him peaking out at me… The birds are also beautiful out here.. A lot of #swallows and #sparrows… They obviously love to nest up in the cabin roofs because every time I went near the cabin next to the cafe, swallows would swoop down at me trying to distract me from their nests… I love being out in #nature… If I could wake up to this everyday I know I would be a much happier man…

IMG 4185

It soon reached 2pm and it was time for #TheTravelingMac to go to work… I have to make good with Jaba or there will be hell to pay… Here I am all suited up for work in my #TaylorPark attire… I love that we get to wear hats and I wonder why restaurants don’t let all waiters wear hats… It definitely keeps the hair out of the food and you don’t have to worry about bad hair days so everyone is happy…

Tonight is rib night and if you know Richard, you know the ribs are going to be phenomenal! They are pork ribs in Richard’s homemade BBQ sauce and boy did they sell… I didn’t get to even try one because they were sold out within the first two hours…. #TheNuggetCafe was booming on a Friday night and I made some good money… I battled the altitude sickness a bit but made it through… You feel like you are on drugs with this new altitude… I would get aggravated but it’s kind of fun at the same time… Anyway, as swimmy as I feel this job isn’t giving me the chance to cry about it… I just keep on working and maybe by the time this sickness is gone I will be able to finagle a day off and climb ParkCone…

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