Day Eighteen (CDR)… My Own Personal Clean Cabin… 08/22/15

IMG 4606

So John moved out today… They finished fixing his vehicle this morning… It was sad to see him go but also relieving at the same time… I was so tired of dodging all of the questions at #TheNuggetCafe… Everyone wanted to know what was happening with him and I promised not to talk, so it was getting really awkward at the end… I explained my position to Chris so I wouldn’t seem like I was taking sides…

Oh, will the drama end please!!!! Just like Sergeant Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon movies… “ I am too old for this shit!”

IMG 4608

So, I did a thorough cleaning today after work… I worked the morning until 2pm… I washed all of the linens in the place and used some of the extra sheets to cover the furniture… A lot of people have come in and out of this #cabin… God knows what has been done on this furniture… lol! They do have a great cleaning service here but that is obviously for the customers only… So, knowing it was up to the individuals to clean this place, I went ahead and gave it a hose down…

IMG 4610

Here’s my closet folks… This was actually my old room which I have lived in for a few days now… Instead of moving all of my stuff to the better room, I figured I would use the whole room as a closet… You ladies are getting excited aren’t you? Also, this room has a padlock on the door, so I can lock up my computer and valuables… Not such bad security…

IMG 4602IMG 4612

Here’s my bedroom with its own private bathroom… I just have the bed in here and that’s it… With a room sized, lockable closet, why the hell would I need to keep anything in here?

IMG 4599

And this is my little kitchen with everything you really need… I watch movies on my laptop… I’m really roughing it up here… lol… I stuffed all of the chairs in the bathroom while I mopped the floors…

IMG 4607

Last but not least, here’s my bathroom… The whole place took me a couple of hours to clean but it is now my own for the rest of the #season… You know how I like my alone time!

IMG 4613

I ended the evening watching this beautiful sunset…

IMG 4615

With beauty like this who can really focus on the unneeded drama?

IMG 4616

With sights like these who can really complain?

IMG 4617

With sights like these no matter how bad life gets, I feel relief my problems all will be gone once I see sights like these… Goodnight…

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