Day Twenty Four (CDR)… The Attack of the Granola Bars… 08/28/15

IMG 4678

Folks, I woke up this morning sick as hell! My stomach was all messed up until around 3pm… Then I realized the granola bars I bought yesterday, for my hike up #MatchlessMountain, were #FiberBars!!!!

I got really hungry last night… I had a few drinks while we played pool and didn’t want to go to bed with an empty stomach… So I turned to these god awful things and ate more than I planned… Boy did they taste good but they messed me up in the morning! I shouldn’t have eaten 6 of them in the first place but you know how it is when you are buzzed… You don’t make the most rational decisions under such circumstances… I know I’m not alone here!

IMG 4677

So, needless to say, Matchless Mountain was way out of the question today! You never go #camping on a huge #mountain with any sort of stomach problems… You are asking for trouble or just a mess, if you’re lucky…

IMG 4681

I was so pissed at myself, I went for a long #hike the moment I felt better… Above are some great pictures of #TaylorPark,CO from down the road… Matchless Mountain was moving further and further away from me everyday… I dreaded the thought of leaving here without #climbing it! I don’t need that type of regret in my life…

IMG 4680

I can’t put it off for much longer because it’s starting to cool down around here, especially at night… Griffin said he #camped out on a small hill when he got here in May and it was cold as hell… He had a #SleepingBag designed for 20 below degree #weather and he was still freezing… He didn’t have a #campfire though… Something I will make sure to build first thing when I get up there…

Already we are seeing #frost in the morning and I have to wear a jacket half of the time around here… you better bet it’s going to be much colder and windier up in those #mountains…

IMG 4682

I know, I know…. I’m just making excuses to make myself feel better for being such a flake! I have to get one more day off to #hike this mountain! I will go on that day and make sure I am back for my evening shift the next day… That will be my punishment for not going earlier… A long night of work after coming down that monstrous #ColoradoMountain… That’s now my only chance of staying up on top of #MatchlessMountain and my chances are becoming very limited by this time…

IMG 4684

I know my destiny is to be on top of that #FlatPeak… I crave it! It’s like a really good drug, staring at me, begging for me to take it! I wake up to this mountain and go to bed to it every night… It’s taunting me and my arrogance sees no challenge in climbing it!

IMG 4685

Matchless mountain you are my savior and nemesis at the same time… You give me so much but your mystery makes me crave so much more! I know you will be the best drug I will ever take in this lifetime… Now to get to climbing you… If that ever happens… Goodnight…

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