Day Twenty Three (CDR)… Trip Up Matchless Mountain Canceled :(… 08/27/15

IMG 4645IMG 4644

Folks, it rained all last night and into the morning… I was planning on hiking #MatchlessMountain but was told I would be crazy to go in this bad #weather… I almost went folks but decided to listen to the advice of the #locals…

IMG 4646

So I left my place to figure out what to do with my day off… This is the front porch of my cabin above the #TaylorParkGiftShop…

I ran into Michael who said he was going into town with two of the cooks, Dave and Jason… They asked me if I wanted to come and I couldn’t resist another day in the town of #Gunnison,CO… I have never been with the whole day to myself, so I figured it would be a fun experience…

IMG 4649IMG 4649 1IMG 4650

I started to regret this decision when the clouds started to lift above the #mountains… But I stomped down the regret with logic… Climbing up a wet mountain is just asking for trouble… Anyway, I already committed to going into town and I was looking forward to having some beers with my new friends…

IMG 4651

Here’s a nice picture of the #TaylorParkGiftShop… The family built most of these #cabins themselves… Well, with the help of friends of course… I want to build my own cabin! How gratifying it would be to live in something you designed and built yourself! I have a good feeling I am going to end up in my own cabin in the middle of nowhere someday anyway… and I look forward to that day…

IMG 4652

So, we headed out of #TaylorPark,CO and hit the road… It’s about an hour to an hour and a half drive and what a beautiful drive it is…

IMG 4653

We ended up at this #TireShop where Jason got four new tires put on… We went to eat at a restaurant while we waited… Can’t remember the name of the restaurant but they had a burger and beer deal for like 10 bucks… the burger was delicious!

IMG 4655IMG 4656

Even in #Gunnison you are surrounded by beautiful mountains… Everywhere you turn you are beaten down with beauty!

IMG 4658

After some good old grub and the car was fixed, we went and did a little shopping…

IMG 4664

I wish I could have gotten you better pictures but it’s hard traveling without #TheMillenniumFalcon’s amazing picturesque windows…You just can’t seem to get the right angles in a car….

IMG 4665IMG 4668IMG 4669

I got a little bored here and started using my #panorama option on the camera… With the car moving, the app would cut the pictures in half somehow… I thought they looked pretty neat… I was bored damn it!

IMG 4673

After a little shopping we went and played a few games of pool… Michael and I got our asses handed to us the first two games but we came back on the last one… Hell yeah!!!

IMG 4676

It was a fun packed day and night… We got back around midnight and hit the sac… I bought a nice big box of protein bars to prepare for the hike tomorrow… Little did I know I made a huge mistake on my purchase! Huge mistake!!!!

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