Day Twenty Nine… The Short Fall is Coming …09/02/15

IMG 5027

This is what I woke up to this morning folks… A thick #fog that covered everything… The air felt really thick and you could feel the moisture, which is rare up in these dry mountains…. I couldn’t even see #ParkConeMountain or #MatchlessMountain… A sure sign that the #weather is changing up here…

IMG 5028

The #nights are getting chillier and the days seem less sunny than usual… Chris said it starts to get #BelowFreezing in the #mountains around this time… He said we won’t feel it down here but if we were at the top, you would see a frost in the morning… That explains why that family I saw hunting on Matchless was wearing cold weather gear…

IMG 5029

#TaylorPark has slowed down quite a bit by now… We are getting ready for the last hoorah, which is #LaborDayWeekend… Labor Day is usually the start of school and the holidays where I grew up, the beginning of another 3 seasons of hard work and horrible weather… But up here, it is the end of everything and the start of relaxation and getting caught up on regular life… For the #Kranors work their buts off in the good weather seasons just like the creatures in #nature do…

IMG 5030

They basically kill themselves from May to October… then #hibernate as a family for the fall and winter…. Everything about this family fascinates me! I think Chris is getting sick of talking about his lifestyle but he usually shares freely, realizing my interest is genuine…

IMG 5031

You see, Chris is a #ReligiousConservative… The complete opposite of what I am… Actually, most people up here are the complete opposite of me when it comes to #religion and #politics…

IMG 5032

You would think Chris and I would not get along because he is very passionate about his views as I am of mine… But Chris and I look beyond that… We realize where we both stand and don’t want to become that #partisan cliche like our friends and family around us…

IMG 5034

Chris and I debate politics all of the time and he knows his shit… Well, what his party stance is at least… The debates get a little heated sometimes and I am the minority when it comes to the issues we discuss… But Chris and I still get along…

IMG 5035

I believe the reason we do get along is because we focus on the things we like about each other instead of all of the negatives… I constantly admire Chris’ lifestyle and the closeness of his #family up here… He is fascinated by things I have done, living in the #cities and the experiences I have had as a #server working in many different #environments…

IMG 5037

You see, Chris and I need each other and realize that… He needs my serving experience and I need his great life he has built up here to support me for 5 weeks… We focus on these positives instead of focusing on the many differences…

IMG 5038

Folks, I could have come up here and bitched about #Republicans and how I have to serve them… I could have come up here immediately deciding I hated it and I have many reasons to hate it up here if I focus on the politics and religion… But I chose not to do that! I chose to learn about these people up here instead of condemning them right away… And Chris, for some reason, decided to do the same…

IMG 5039

When we chose to do this, those #clouds immediately lifted above those mountains and we have become good friends through the process…  Another example of the power of these mountains and how they influence you through every aspect of your life… For really us citizens shouldn’t be destroying each other over issues we don’t agree with… We shouldn’t be trying to hurt each other just because we don’t see the world the same… We should be focusing on the positives we all bring to the table and there are a lot of positives from both parties if you can get past all of the politics…

Chris and I put our differences aside, learned to find the positives and work together to run a great little cafe in the middle of nowhere… Why we can’t do the same for this country is beyond me because when it all comes down to it… I believe we all want the same thing in the end and that’s a great country to live in and for our children to live in the future… All the rest is just bullshit! If we just focused on that then we wouldn’t be in the trouble we are in today… God, I love these mountains!!!!

2 thoughts on “Day Twenty Nine… The Short Fall is Coming …09/02/15

  1. My hat’s off to you! In my old increasingly liberal, age I’m not sure I have the patience to be around Republicans – in any form. Having lived in West Alabama (Arizona) for over 50 years, I suppose I had my fill of them.



    1. I hear ya… It’s really hard to get along with people who you have to show the encyclopedia to every time they decide to change the facts and history… I actually had a friend of my Mother say to me that Planned Parenthood used to be a good organization and now has turned bad… I immediately stopped him and reminded him that when Planned Parenthood started in the twenties, it was very controversial and met all kinds of opposition because the organization formed to provide women with contraception to protect themselves from venerial diseases and unwanted pregnancies… From the day it was formed the religious and conservative organizations have been trying to shut it down… Now the GOP is claiming that they once supported Planned Parenthood which is a complete fabrication from he truth… They also say Planned Parenthood performs mostly abortions now… If you look up on Wikipedia it states that 300,000 abortions are performed a year and 10.1 million other health services, including help with venerial diseases, child care, contraception and so on… If the GOP is so concerned with stopping abortions then why don’t they support free contraception for all women? Doesn’t that prevent pregnancies and abortions? They make up their own facts and push them off as truths… With the social media it is very hard to even find the truth anymore… It is amazing but I realize that a lot of these people mean well but are just misinformed… That’s how I saw Chris and liked him because of his loyalty to his family and his willingness to hear what I know is the truth… I can’t hate the uneducated, I can only try to help them see the truth… They are only victims to a huge organization that only cares about their profits and don’t mind lies being passed around to muddle up the message… They thrive off of the religious and the under educated by spreading complete lies and half truths… It’s disgusting… But I do have to say the whole using baby parts for research is just too overboard for me… I know they weren’t making a profit but we need to draw the line somewhere…


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