Day Thirty One (CDR)… I’ve Found a New Hobby… 09/04/15

IMG 5094

#Foggy mornings seem to be a norm by now and it has been really cold at night… I have a little space heater in the cabin that works pretty well but it’s hard to get out of bed with these cold mornings…

IMG 5095

I can say it’s nothing short of beautiful though…

IMG 5105

And as you can see, #LaborDayWeekend was already starting this Friday morning at the #ColoradoDreamRanch… Droves of #ATV enthusiasts were rumbling in from 7am this morning… I have to say, these #hicks get up early and don’t waste anytime when it comes to their #playtime… I admire that…

IMG 5102

I had to work at 2pm tonight and I was hoping to go exploring for more #mushrooms today… I really do love #exploring and discovering new things out in the #wilderness… I think I will request a lot of books on mushrooms and #WildLife in the #woods for #Christmas… I love to #hike and it’s even more fun when you have a task at hand during that hike…

IMG 5109

You can still allow your mind to wander and you feel like you are accomplishing something instead of just the hike itself…

IMG 5113

So, I headed over to Griffin and Mike’s to gather a #hunting crew… Griffin was working the morning, so Mike was available… We only have two dish washers so Mike and Griffin work everyday… They will either do 6 hours each or somedays do three hour shifts, alternating… Anyone who claims the youth don’t work hard enough these days should come and meet Griffin and Mike… These guys are nothing short of awesome! Definitely my favorite peeps up here!

IMG 5122

So, we headed up to my secret spot, which I try not to take too many pictures of… I don’t want the #Federales coming in and destroying this perfect #harvest up here… lol…

Above is a stick one of the girls who went with us found… You know my obsession with #WalkingSticks… This is definitely the best one I have ever seen… She took it with her! I was so jealous! Looks like a King’s scepter!!!!

IMG 5126

Luckily, I had to be at work at 2pm so I missed this storm that made its’ way in from the #mountains… It was a short yet aggressive storm…

IMG 5129

It was slower than I thought it would be on a Friday night but it was steady… As I always say, if I make a $100 a shift, I am happy.. Anything more is just cream on the top… I headed over to Mike and Griffin’s after work and then hit the hay…

I love how #TaylorPark looks at night just after it rains… It’s magical! Goodnight….

One thought on “Day Thirty One (CDR)… I’ve Found a New Hobby… 09/04/15

  1. The coming winter will play hell with your special crop…😃

    “When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.”

    Abraham Lincoln



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