Day Thirty Two (CDR)… Holy Hail… 09/05/15

IMG 5132IMG 5133

Another busy morning at #TheColoradoDreamRanch… #TheNuggetCafe was hopping… Not busy enough for two servers but I went in and gave Mike a hand… It’s actually nice going down right after you get up to get a cup of Joe and start your day helping out… I always go down for like a half hour to an hour and chat with the kitchen guys and Chris, who is always manning the omelet buffet… You know you like your job or the people who work with when you find yourself going in on your time off… It’s nice working with a good team where you don’t feel like your job is on the line or someone is watching over you… Chris is great about just leaving you alone and letting you do your job… His version of micromanaging is helping when we get busy… that’s as far as it goes… Great guy to work for even though he’s Republican… lol… I have to get my jabs in somewhere!

IMG 5138

Well with the weather change you’re going to get sinus infections and bugs spreading around… Especially when you are working crazy hours and get a little run down… Griffin and Chris were the first to get hit… So the prep wash station was where you could get a little R&R if you really needed it… lol… Don’t worry, we always keep it clean! When you work crazy hours you do crazy things…

IMG 5140

It was a beautiful day today… A lot of #clouds yet quite warm…

IMG 5144

I don’t think I have talked about the #Polaris rental spot in much detail… So, if you can’t afford to buy one of the #ATVs, which start around $8,000 new, then you can just rent one for the day or a couple of hours if you like… It’s around $90 for a two hour rental and $225 if you want it for the day… Personally, I would pay the extra $115 bucks just to have it for the day… If you get here at 8am, you can be four wheeling for 9 hours! Trust me, two hours is not enough in these mountains… Once you get out there, you’re not going to want to come back…

IMG 5145

I went to my cabin and did a little writing before going into work at 2pm…

IMG 5155

Not soon after I arrived at work, I saw this monster coming and boy did it come at us fast!

IMG 5156

Then I suddenly heard knocking on the roof and all over the restaurant… When I looked back out the window I realized it was hailing! And boy was the hail huge! They were bigger than your standard bb used in a bb gun…

IMG 5157

It was one hell of a sight to see… A few people ran into the #restaurant and a lot took cover over at #TheTaylorParkTradingPost…

IMG 5159

The parking lot was littered with white slippery balls, making it extremely slippery! But as you can see out yonder, the sky is clear as day…

IMG 5160

I would love to stay up here for the  short #fall season and see all of #nature’s crazy changes as she prepares for a harsh #winter… The #weather up here is so unpredictable… You get #rain but only quick spurts of it most of the time… Then this crazy shit happens!

IMG 5161

Literally ten minutes later everything was back to normal again… The icy roadways melted within minutes and people were back out and about… A few gave up on the day and just came in and got something to eat… I don’t blame them… I know a lot of people were caught up in the mountains when this storm passed through… An experience I would die to have!

IMG 5162

You do get warnings up here though, if you pay attention to the #mountains… Those mountains tell you when a #storm is coming in and oddly enough, the storms seem to always come from #MatchlessMountain… I don’t think I have seen one come from the other direction…

IMG 5166

Pretty soon it was all dry like nothing ever happened… Tonight was steady but not crazy busy… I made my quota…

IMG 5040

It was #PrimeRib night tonight and boy do you get a good piece of meat at a phenomenal price up here… Look at those steaks!!! Look at that fat-meat marbleization… You can cut the Prime Rib here with a butter knife… No better yet, with the edge of a piece of dull paper… lol!

They cut the steaks fresh to order, right from the #BeefShank… The only way you get fresher than that folks is to carve straight off of the #cow… With the extra meat left over from the cutting, the chef throws it on the grill and the staff gets to share the scraps, which is the best part of the #steak in my opinion… But I love fat and #grizzle!!! I would eat a whole shank of fat if I could!

A little tip if you are eating steak tips or beef scraps… Take #A1Sauce and mix it with some #Tabasco… Trust me it’s delicious and perfect to dip into…

IMG 5170

After my drooling over the #PrimeSteaks all night and trying to get every scrap I could fit into my mouth, I headed over to Griffin and Mike’s for a session… I got to end my night with this beautiful #sunset… Wow, I could never get sick of the sights up here! Goodnight….

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