Day Forty Two (CDR)… Second Day of Cleaning The Nugget Cafe… 09/1515

IMG 5538

Well, we got a little help from the #mountains last night with a #DownPoor… Good old #nature’s steam cleaning…

IMG 5540

As soon as I headed over this morning, Chris was hard at work! This guy amazes me! He never stops going, even when he is under the weather!

IMG 5544

Dave was going to town on the #kitchen while myself and others were trickling in… We were all a little hung over from partying last night…

IMG 5546

We even wash down the walls and ceiling, making sure this place is spotless for next year! No kitchen gets this type of attention every single year!

IMG 5547

I pulled out all of the equipment to be #SteamCleaned and battled with a stained floor which took a good hour to get fully clean…

IMG 5548

Everything was coming together and I was convinced we would be done by the end of the day… But I was wrong once again…

IMG 5549

We used the dining room to store all of the washed equipment, waiting to be put back in a sparkling clean kitchen…

IMG 5550

I love packing things away for some reason… I guess I’m used to it, moving around my whole life, never staying in one place more than 3 years as a child and teenager…

IMG 5551

All of this was mine to deal with… I was practically done with the #ServerStation and had to put all of these plates and accessories in boxes to store them away for the winter…

IMG 5553IMG 5554IMG 5555

Here’s that badly stained #BreadOven which Dave transformed into a new looking piece of equipment… This guy works wonders!

IMG 5562IMG 5563IMG 5584

We moved all of the equipment back into the server’s area, to complete this area… Of course the #CoffeeMachine was the last battle to tackle… I need my #Java folks! We just move one coffee machine over to the trading post where people will get coffee when the #TheNuggetCafe is closed…

IMG 5580

This back wall was one of the biggest, most stubborn enemies to our mission… They must have spent a whole day getting it clean… A whole season of #cooking comes at a big price!

IMG 5582

Towards the end of the evening, the #Kranor family and Chris were hauling extra food out which the families will use to survive through the winter… A lot of frozen beef, deer and chicken they can enjoy through a harsh, snow ridden winter…

IMG 5591

By the time evening came, we were exhausted but really feeling good about the progress we had made…

IMG 5592

The end was near and never have I had such closure with a job, witnessing not only another chapter closed in my life but a season closed in a small town in the #Mountains… The Nugget Cafe is the book of this lovely small ranch… When it opens the season starts and when it closes, the season ends…

I can’t find much wrong with #TaylorPark… Even the arduous jobs we hate doing become symbols of this #seasonal #haven… So much meaning up here with the blood, sweat and tears of a family and all they invite to work… No #technology really, just hard working people coming together to get a job done… God, I miss this in my world so much!

IMG 5593

But for tonight, I had only one thing on my mind and that was hanging with the buddies… Griffin and Michael were leaving tomorrow and this was the last night we would smoke together… The #PeacePipe was coming out tonight for the last time, bidding farewell to my awesome young friends… It was a night of reminiscing and wondering what life had in store for us when we left this #paradise on earth… What tomorrow will bring, no one can say… But we will all leave a little wiser, a little more spiritual and with many memories to look back on… Good night…

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