Day Forty Five, Forty Six & Forty Seven (CDR)… The Last March up Park Cone Mountain… 09/18,19&20/15

IMG 5675IMG 5677

I can’t drink anymore folks! Yesterday I was puking all day and had horrible vertigo… My drinking days are pretty much over and I am happy about it… I am starting to realize that it’s the sour mix they use in drinks because every time I drink Margaritas or Mules, I end up bed ridden the next day…

I walked over to #TheNuggetCafe on the 19th and took a picture of the closed sign… That’s for the #season folks!

IMG 5680IMG 5681

Then I walked around the corner to see my #Bovine friends who were hard at work mowing the lawn in the back… #Cows everywhere folks!

IMG 5678

The sun was bright and casting amazing shadows in the afternoon… I decided to go on one more #exploration up #ParkConeMountain to see the cows and their #MagicMushrooms…

IMG 5687

I love the #rivers that run through the #mountains! It’s the best #WhiteNoise you can buy… When I buy my piece of land in the #wilderness, I am going to make sure I have a river running right behind my #cabin… I have never slept better than when I am near a nice, noisy river…

IMG 5688

Last time I will cross this gorgeous man made #bridge… To think I crossed this bridge to tackle my first mountain… It seems like years ago, I have grown so much up here… I have a theory that when time passes too quickly it means you are not growing as much as you should because when you are growing, everyday seems like a week!

IMG 5689

Saying goodbye to this little #heaven is so hard… Maybe I will buy a piece of land off of the #Kranors’ and build a cabin up here… I would love to build it right near this river but then again the #ATV’s in the summer would get old very quickly… I think I will look elsewhere..

IMG 5691

Right when I hit my magic mushroom #haven, I saw one of my friends staring at me… It’s almost like I have become a part of their #herd… I seem to be able to get closer to them every time I come up here…

IMG 5693

A little cow party came together to say their last goodbyes… lol… This whole area becomes cow country as the #visitors start to dwindle…

IMG 5695

I believe the reason they fear #humans is because of the loud vehicles… I think they are treated pretty well up here but I guess I would have to witness that to come to such conclusions… Knowing the disdain my fellow workers have for these remarkable #creatures gives evidence that they may be treated badly up here also…

IMG 5696

But they continue to live life like they know how… They seem happy and communicate regularly with their monotone, low moos… I will miss these #spiritual creatures the most up here…It’s almost like they are #disciples of the mountains up here… Actually, that’s probably what they are…

IMG 5702

Just maybe they sense my appreciation and #worship of these mighty mountains… And maybe if I spent enough time up here I would be welcomed into their #community… But I understand the fear considering their ultimate demise… For fear leads to such discrimination and I thank the assholes who choose to unnecessarily abuse these cows which makes them fear so much… Sound familiar folks… When you discriminate out of fear, you end up making assumptions like these cows… Maybe we should learn from their fear instead of creating it…

IMG 5694

But yet another outlandish suggestion from the #TreeHuggingLiberal or as people like to label my caring kind… Why I am the enemy is beyond me, when all I want is for people to respect life as they are making a #profit… It may cost a little more but trust me, you will go to bed more at ease, knowing you are not #torturing an animal that only gives to us and receives practically nothing…

IMG 5707

I got kind of scared here because I had to pass through this crowd of cows… I put my camera away and was very respectful… I felt like #Moses passing through the Red Sea… they were skittish yet they didn’t run… they just parted off the path and let me pass through with caution…

IMG 5711

I was soon back at #TaylorPark and ready to pack… I had secured a ride into #ColoradoSprings on Monday the 21st… I was going in with Jason and Billy then I would rent a car there to go see an ex-girlfriend while #TheMillenniumFalcon went through some last minute fixes… I never thought I would see the day I would be back in old #Mille but that day has come… Yet it is very hard to let this heaven on earth go… Where will the next adventure be?

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