Day Forty Seven (CDR)… Leaving The Colorado Dream Ranch:(…. 09/20/15

IMG 5713

This was Billy’s, one of the chefs, view from his bedroom… How could you ever get a better view than this? He would wake up everyday to this view and this is one of the last pictures I took of #MatchlessMountain…

IMG 5714

It was a sad day folks but I was also ready to move on, eager to see what the next chapter in life is…

IMG 5716

Here’s #ParkConeMountain… I’m going to miss admiring these #mountains everyday… Whenever I felt a little down, I would just sit and stare at these mountains… Absolutely beautiful!

IMG 5721

There was this glow about the place today… The #weather was a little chilly but the sun warmed you up with its’ mighty rays…

IMG 5722

I sat on my porch and said my last goodbyes… I was eager to see #TheMillenniumFalcon but was given some bad news… The mechanic said the new engine kept on stalling out and he couldn’t figure out why… They have a specialist coming in on Monday… So, I made plans to stay with an ex until I knew more…

IMG 5723

I cleaned my #cabin to show my appreciation for such great hospitality from the #Kranors….

IMG 5724

This was a great living situation, being able to retreat to my cabin alone if I needed some alone time… And you know how I love my alone time! lol…

IMG 5725

Here I am! Ready to hit the road! Everything was #packed and ready to go…

IMG 5727

I took one last panorama of #TheTaylorParkRanch, went and said my last goodbyes to Chris and then we hit the #road!

IMG 5728

Here’s one last look at #TheTaylorParkResevoir… I love how the #trees start to turn bright yellow and orange… The mountains were getting ready for a harsh #winter… Signs of peaceful unrest were all around…

IMG 5729

The plan was to hook a ride with Jason and Billy, head into #ColoradoSprings, get a hotel and then rent a car the next day…

IMG 5730

My ex only lived about 2 hours away from The Millennium Falcon… So my plan was to hang out at her house while I wait to hear more about my #BucketofBolts…

IMG 5731

I was really nervous about The Millennium Falcon… It just seems that every possible problem I can run into, I do… But once again, if she didn’t give me trouble, I wouldn’t have come up to these mountains to work! Well worth it regardless of the new debt I have acquired!

IMG 5732

The drive was gorgeous! We had about a 3 hour drive… We joked but there was this sunken feeling in the car… Billy and Jason were heading over to #TheGrandCanyon for a job Billy lined up for the winter… They wanted me to join but I had to get my #RV and I was looking forward to seeing my family…

IMG 5733

I love the random patches of bright yellow in the trees! So beautiful!

IMG 5734

We took the #ScenicRoute over one of the mountains across the #ContinentalDivide…

IMG 5736

It was good closure leaving the mountains in such fashion… I was blown away by the sights as I left my heaven on earth!

IMG 5737

We were all of course looking forward to a good meal and some drinks but I had to be careful that I didn’t end up bed ridden with a hangover the next day…

IMG 5738

I was looking forward to seeing my ex… We dated while I was living in #NYC… I was around 30 years old then… We haven’t seen each other in 8 years!

IMG 5739

My mind was twisting and turning with all these events happening so quickly… Here I went from total relaxation to #expectations and hopes of a fixed vehicle… Remember, my plan is not to have such expectations… The feeling was exciting but was getting very old quickly…

IMG 5742

One of the biggest lessons I learned up in the mountains was that things get done regardless of how much you harp on them… To worry about things that have to be done or anything that hasn’t happened yet is a waste of energy… I have learned to rely on the fact that it will get done…. I write it down and then forget about it until I have to do it…

IMG 5743

I also learned that my #iPhone was making me nuts with constant vibrations alerting me of a new text message or phone call… This also is a waste of energy and aggravation… From now on, I will keep my phone on silent… When I check it then I will know someone has called or texted me… No need to be interrupted all of the time! It’s no way to live!

IMG 5744

I have learned to take the good things from the slower, less stressful life up in the mountains and try to apply it to my regular life… I no longer want to be stressed about useless things… It’s ridiculous and you won’t realize how bad it is until you get away from it all… The mountains were the best therapy that any money could buy…

IMG 5747

We got some delicious pizza at this little pub… It was so nice to eat good pizza once again… We hadn’t had any good pizza since we were up in the mountains… The pizza here was thin crust and absolutely delicious!

IMG 5749

We soon got a #motel room at one of those cheap places… We had to pick up my car tomorrow and wanted to get an early start so we didn’t party too much…

IMG 5750

Onto the #NextChapter in my life… I don’t know what life has in store for me but the lessons I have learned in these mighty mountains will hopefully make me deal with the ups and downs in regular more effectively… I feel like a new man and am ready to get back on that road… Tomorrow the new #journey begins! Thank You #Colorado for such a great, #spiritual experience… I will never forget it!

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