Day Forty Nine Thru Fifty One (CDR)… Reunited W/ The Millennium Falcon!!!! 09/23,24,25/15

IMG 5769

So, after renting a #hotel room last night, I ended up here in #Baldwin City,Kansas… It’s your typical small town in Kansas… I had fun visiting with the Ex but you don’t want to hear about that boring stuff… Let’s just say it was good closure to an old relationship and I am happy to see my Ex doing very well…

IMG 5770

I did love this coffee train cart down the street though.. Great coffee and a beautiful little shop… They had sandwiches and everything!

IMG 5773IMG 5774IMG 5792

I relaxed for two days but couldn’t resist mentioning my Ex’s awesome pets! They were so cute and friendly… One night the Ex was working late and the beautiful chocolate lab slept in bed with me! I love animals and these three were nothing short of amazing… I need to get a dog, I love them so much…

IMG 5794

Two days later and I was back on the road… The Ex drove me to a car rental place in #Lawrence,KS and I was off!

IMG 5795

Now obviously I was very excited about being reunited with the #TheMillenniumFalcon… It was about a 3 hour drive and I was extremely antsy… I kept on preparing myself for more problems… I just couldn’t believe this mess was almost over… But as I was driving and leaving #Kansas this #cop started pulling up beside me… He would accelerate ahead of me, cut in front of me and then slow down… then he would get behind me… I couldn’t understand why he was harassing me but this went on for about ten minutes…

Then when I stopped to get gas, I realized the car rental shop rented me a car with #Colorado plates on it! I was pissed becsaue this cop was obviously harassing me, hoping I would make a mistake and he could pull me over… I believe my only saving grace was that I was leaving Kansas… If I was entering Kansas, I guarantee he would have pulled me over and searched for marijuana…  And I had some in my car folks!

When I got to my destination, I immediately called the rental place and cursed them out! They should let you know you have a states plates which attracts the police’s attention! I mean really? Are we in the 21st century where cops are actually harassing people over something as stupid as pot? It’s completely ridiculous… I wish I could have taken a photo but that would have given the #pig an excuse to pull me over and I wasn’t giving him any excuse… Never a #mission without drama folks!!! Not with #TheTravelingMac anyway! lol!

IMG 5802IMG 5805

I was happy to see the #RV dealership near where I broke down and took a picture of where I actually did break down… A place I really don’t want to think about but passing it meant I was that much closer to this disaster being over! It felt so good!

IMG 5809

About 15 minutes later I was happy to approach the #farm where I met my demise with the unfortunate news…

IMG 5811

I pulled in and could see The Millennium Falcon sitting there… My heart jumped with excitement!

IMG 5812

She was still in one piece and looked like she was rearing to get back on the road!

IMG 5813

To think I left this place unsure of my future, upset with my present and missing the past…. Now I am here, ready to tackle my new future, perfectly content with my present and still missing the past but for good reasons…

IMG 5814

I immediately got out and hugged her! I gave her a big hug and didn’t giver a shit what the #mechanics thought… This #vehicle has been my adventure, demise and guide all at the same time… I am now joining her wiser, spiritually fulfilled and somewhat knowing what my path is in life…

I didn’t even care when they charged me almost double of what they quoted… They said around $6,000 to fix and it ended up being $11,000! I guess you don’t have to inform your customers when such an increase happens but I don’t care… I just now know that I can’t trust anyone, even the small town #farmers who supposedly have a great reputation… Ripping people off seems to be the American way! You want to rip someone off and not get in trouble? Just form a company and call it business… As long as your a business it somehow becomes moral… Who would have thunk!

IMG 5816

I paid the money, putting myself officially $19,000 in debt now and that’s after I put the $5500 towards the bill… If you want my money folks, come and get it! I will get myself out of debt once again and quickly… I don’t give a shit about money anymore… I realize with this huge downsizing of my life that all #money represents is the work I do… When you have hardly any bills, going to work is a pleasure because you know most of your profits will go right towards your debt considering no one else can take it… No rent to pay and it costs me an average of $40 a week to live out my RV without #traveling.. Try to beat that folks!

I don’t think I will ever go back to my old way of living… The less you own and the less you’re in debt, the better off you really are… The #AmericanDream is a carrot this society dangles in front of you, putting you in more and more debt while you try to achieve it! Having less allows you to do more because you are not reliant on anyone or any institution… It’s liberating not having much… Trust me, try it! Jesus had a good point on this one!

IMG 5821

I was back in Old #Millie and on my way to #NorthCarolina to visit my cousin who just recently graduated… I was only about 4 months late but better late than never… lol…

IMG 5824

I soon found a nice and quiet #Walmart to stay in #Oak Grove,MO… I parked and giggled with joy as I got ready to spend my first night in The Millennium Falcon after about 7 weeks of separation… To celebrate the event I popped on #NationalLampoonsVacation! Never was I so relieved to be viewing a movie again which I have seen more than 100 times before! It was pure satisfaction!!! Good night!!!

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