Day one… Heading Home!!! 09/26/15

IMG 5825

Well folks, at least I got a 2 year warranty on this #NewEngine! Anything goes wrong with it, I am covered! I just have to stick to their strict #OilChange policies…

I was rearing to go this morning after trying to get an oil change last night at an all night truck stop… They only did diesels though and I wasted about an hour trying to find someone who did gas engines… I soon gave up and went to bed! But when I looked again in the morning, it took me 2 hours to find a place…

Now, under the #warranty it says I have to get my first oil change after 200 miles… The reason for this is the new, rebuilt engine has been machined and little metal fragments still exist inside… So after 200 miles those little fragments all collect in the filter and in the oil… So you have to change it after 200 miles to get rid of such harmful fragments… then after that is done, I have to get an oil change every 3,000 miles…  I have to record every oil change and keep receipts…

Now, I couldn’t go anywhere until this oil change was done because I reached those 200 miles last night! Finally, I found a #Walmart to do it… Of all places I don’t want to give my money, I was stuck with this #CorporatePig… But the #mechanics did it all by the book and had me on my way in an hour…

IMG 5831IMG 5832

I was soon back on the road after hours of aggravation but as you can see, the frustration didn’t last long… You want to know what #TheTravelingMac looks like happy? Well, here it is folks! You can’t fake such joy! lol!

IMG 5833IMG 5836

The music was cranked and I just enjoyed every minute of #freedom while driving! I was so happy, I would just scream out loud for no reason what so ever… Just a lot of uncontainable energy inside this very excited #explorer! It’s moments like these folks that make living so much worth it!

IMG 5837IMG 5840

I reminisced about my time up in #Colorado… explored all the ups and downs of this year in my head… I even reflected on my life as a whole… And every time I would scream with excitement knowing my #journeys are only going to get better with a new and improved #Hyperdrive in #TheMillenniumFalcon! No one can stop me now!!!

IMG 5845IMG 5846

I was also extremely excited about visiting my cousin… Even though we have 22 years between us, she is definitely one of my best friends and someone I love to confide in… Now she had graduated High School and was embarking on a new life… I couldn’t wait to share my journey with her while hearing about hers…

IMG 5851IMG 5852

Folks, to top it off, it was a gorgeous #sunset which made the drive even more memorable and enjoyable… I didn’t want to stop to sleep! I just wanted to drive until my eyes couldn’t take it anymore!

IMG 5858

As the sun set the #moon came out and it was a full one folks! It was almost like the moon was even giving me a fresh start…

IMG 5860

I drove until 2am as I reveled in this gorgeous night, enjoying every single moment of it! I was back on the #road folks… I had one last #destination and then I was homebound! From there I will plan out my next journey!


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