12 days in Greensboro, NC… 09/28/15

IMG 5895

This is where I parked for the first five days in #Greensboro,NC… It’s a department store whose name sounds like a sound you would make while vomiting… My cousin’s boss told me I could park here only to get kicked out by the owner 5 days later… When I tried to explain to the owner that #SalsaRita’s owner told me I could park here, the guy got short with me and told me he is the owner of this lot and I couldn’t… I was just doing what I was told by someone I thought had authority around here… But hey, what can you do… At least I got to park here for 5 days with no hassle what so ever…

IMG 5894

The rest of the time I would just camp out at the local #Walmart… They let me stay there for a week and I was very grateful for that…

IMG 5920IMG 5921

While I was here, I visited with family and celebrated the coming #Halloween season… I took my cousin to a #HauntedHouse which was phenomenal! It was 20 minutes long and very #scary at times… They even had a 3D, psychedelic section where you could barely stand up because the images were screwing with your equilibrium… It was the best haunted house I have ever been to! Keep the name in the back of your mind… #TheWoodsOfTerror gets my thumbs up and that’s from a self-proclaimed horror expert!

IMG 5914IMG 5911

I loved this #PumpkinPatch at a local church… Me and my cousin stopped and took some pictures…

IMG 5912IMG 5913

I felt myself getting into the creepy holiday spirit… I never would have thought I could do just that in a state like #Carolina…

But long story short, it was a great visit… It was like a mini vacation after busting my ass for the last 6 weeks… I got to catch up with old friends and family members while enjoying a life in  #TheMillenniumFalcon once again… Life can’t get much better than this folks! You never realize what you have until you lose it all! It’s a wonderful life really with lots of twists and turns… Once you get to know those twists and turns and learn how to deal with them, life becomes more manageable… For no one really knows what it’s all for, we can only try to live everyday to its’ fullest… And that’s what I am going to try to do from this point on…

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