Day Two… First Full Day Driving in the Falcon… 09/27/15

IMG 5862

Folks, I was actually woken up by an over enthusiastic #Walmart employee… This guy gave me shit for #parking here overnight when the Walmart wasn’t even open yet… It was actually a Walmart Grocery store… I guess Walmart is going to open a grocery store chain also… I guess the Super Store market is too crowded now! Time to #monopolize the grocery market also… How much greed and control is enough? Really?

IMG 5864

I was rude as hell to the employee! I called him an idiot and mentioned how he reminded me of those annoying hall monitors I had to deal with as a kid in school… He told me to get out of the parking lot or he would call the police… I told him to go ahead and call! I’m not breaking any laws being parked at a Walmart which isn’t even open yet!

IMG 5863

And I made sure I took my time leaving… Smiling at him as he watched me take pictures with #TheMillenniumFalcon and then I went into the Walmart Grocery store to talk to some of the employees, who were preparing to open next week… I asked about their opening and mentioned what a dick their friend was… they laughed…

IMG 5865

But I was soon back on the #road and got to enjoy a whole day of #traveling from morning till night… I was well positioned to make it to #Greensboro,NC by night fall…

IMG 5874IMG 5880

It was another exciting #drive… Never got old and I was not eager for it to be over… I was just grateful to be driving #MyBucketOfBolts… I had not a worry on my mind…

IMG 5881

For this has been my life lately folks… A dark tunnel with a small glimmer of light peaking in the far distance…

IMG 5884

I am finally here folks! I am not out of the tunnel yet but I can see the light right in front of me!!!

IMG 5893

I soon made it to a Walmart near Greensboro,NC… I parked for the night and planned to see my cousin the next day!

What a life folks! One minute I’m up in the #mountains, the next I’m in a Walmart parking lot… My life may be unpredictable and chaotic but it sure isn’t short of exciting! What else can a guy ask for?

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