Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! The Traveling Mac is Back! 01/01/16

IMG 6018

Folks… It was a fantastic #Christmas with the family and an uneventful #NewYear’sEve… Which I prefer considering I worked New Years in two cities for 16 years… I find it to be amateur night and rather stay home or go to a house party…

IMG 6021

My winter plans started to fade before my eyes… After the first snow storm, I was weary of #TheMillenniumFalcon surviving such #BrutalWeather… I had a job at a restaurant #BrendanMichaels but it was so disorganized and the manager was such an idiot, I quit… The same day I quit, the two chefs quit… They didn’t leave because of me but they confirmed I had made a great decision… Then about 3 weeks later it closed down! Definitely dodged a bullet there!

IMG 6025

So from there I decided to try and get another job as my winter plans seemed to be melting before my eyes… I found a little #ItalianRestaurant which was only a 30 minute walk from my Mum’s house, so I got a job there… At first it seemed like the perfect job… It was slow but I had full control of the front of the house… And I found the #owner/chef wanted to use my past experience to improve her business…

So, I went full throttle ahead and redid all of her togo menus… Which were atrocious by the way… I also put a plan forward to take all of the money she was spending on advertising and funneling it into non-profits to create a word of mouth which #Plymouth is known to have a strong hand in… I found all the ads do nothing and you have to get involved with the town to #promote… It’s just that type of town…

So, I tried to build a relationship with the #PlymouthTownHall and #PlymouthPlantation among other #non-profits… I also created Trivia night to help but found that the owner/chef wasn’t really that serious about spending money in such sensible ventures… That was when this snowman started to melt rapidly… I found the owner/chef was dishonest and wasn’t telling me the whole story… She actually seemed to have no money to spend, so she let me waste my time setting up all of these relationships just to destroy them with fights over what she will give… We had a successful period though where we donated homemade #eggnog to a Santa visit set up by the town hall… It was a huge success but as they say “You can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink…” The reason this woman’s business was failing apart was because she was destroying it herself…

The last straw was on #ChristmasEve… It was not busy at all and I came in to help the other college girl who was working the season to get me needed days off… When I went into the kitchen I caught the Chef/Owner pouring cheap $5.99 a gallon vodka in the #GreyGoose bottle!!! I was appalled and it confirmed her horrible dishonesty… You know what, she got away with it practically and wasted my time so I am going to post the resignation letter here for you to read if you like…


There are not many honest people left folks! I like to think I am an exception to the rule… Once again the owner of the restaurant and the management prove to be totally hopeless… And who suffers? Who’s time is really wasted here? Who really gets screwed when they have no money or job? Yeah, the worker yet we are the lazy ones who should get a job! I am so tired of this double standard which protects companies when they do wrong because they employ us… But when they screw us and leave us with nothing, we have no recourse!!!!! Unbelievable!!!

IMG 6031

After that last incident I really saw the snowman and winter plans melt to water before my eyes… I attempted more job searches but when the snow storm hit, I realized I had to get the fuck out of dodge…

IMG 6019IMG 6020

But it was a great Christmas full of magic, #ChristmasMovies, #presents and treats… I am truly blessed in this life to enjoy such luxuries and I appreciate all of them… Above are some of my Mum’s #SausageRolls and #MinceMeatPies… I crave these on the #holidays and only get them on the holidays… A very strict #traditional rule in our family that only gets broken on the most special of occasions…

IMG 6028

The #roast was in the oven with the #YorkshirePuddings… Can’t open the oven door or the Yorkshires will deflate… My sister made them and they turned out perfect… The Yorkshire pan I put in my Mum’s #stocking didn’t hurt… lol!

IMG 6029

The table was set… A nice #Bordeaux was opened to breath… In #England it is tradition to open presents after dinner… A #tradition I hated as a child but respect today… At least we get to open our stockings in the morning and the presents are there to make Christmas that much longer, anticipating the carnage of paper flying and boxes being torn apart in excitement!

IMG 6044

Look at that roast folks! Absolutely gorgeous and yes, it tasted better than it looked! Me and the Mums got it from a local butcher… It was pricey but it’s Christmas dinner for Christ’s sake! Only the best! I love a good roast on the Holiday! We used to eat turkey but realized we all didn’t like it as much as the roast… So we went back to an old English Tradition…

It was a great Christmas and a very uneventful New Year… Just like I like it… At this point I had no plans of leaving but the inevitable started on this day… For I got an unexpected present and that was the dishonesty of my boss which would force me to resign… I see it as a present because at least I got out of there before she really screwed me… Just like she has been screwing her customers! Unbelievable!!!! God help our future as a civilization…

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