Living in a Walmart Parking Lot for 5 weeks!!! (February 1st to March 7th) 02/01/16- 03/07/16

IMG 6153

What can I say? If you told me in High School that I would be living out of a #Walmart parking lot at the age of 40, I would have probably cried… lol… Back then I would have immediately thought I was #homeless and a loser who has made some really bad choices in life… Not to say that’s not the case… lol… Maybe I’m in denial but it doesn’t feel that way…

It’s actually quite refreshing and fun! Everyday I get up and have completely no idea what awaits me! Will I get kicked out of Walmart by the employees? Will I be robbed or will #TheMillenniumFalcon get broken into? How am I going to find a job and honestly tell them I live at the local Walmart? What’s the plan after this?

Tons of questions folks! Tons of doubts! Some days I get up and feel depressed because this situations isn’t going away anytime soon… Then some days I wake up excited because I am living in a #RV in a #WalmartParkingLot… I feel a little hypocritical, trashing the #BigCorporations and then living out of the parking lot of one of the richest in the world… But yet I am thankful and show my gratitude by shopping in their store…

These inner battles are daily and never have I been so conflicted with myself and the outside world… It isn’t a conflict in my head anymore, I’m actually living and breathing it now…

IMG 6156

I really don’t think #Walmart is fully aware of my presence considering their parking lot is so huge and trucks stay overnight and throughout the day all of the time… Some employees have shown they know my situation but seem to not care at all… There is usually at least three rigs parked next to me at all times… It’s not the quietest place on earth and I thank the big rigs for running their generators because it drowns out the #CrowCalls in the morning, which always wake me up!

IMG 6169

I don’t know what is going on in this Walmart parking lot with these #birds but there is definitely a daily orgy happening here… There is a little man made pond right behind me… The #geese and #crows love to start the day with their early morning orgies… I hope they are all getting laid because that is the only justification I will take for such a huge ruckus!

I hate crows folks! I admire their intelligence and their community but they are so damn loud and the cawing makes me fantasize, as I lie in bed, of buying a bb gun and playfully shooting these constant noise makers… Not that I would go through with it but it’s nice to fantasize about the death of such an intrusive, loud species… The violent fantasies slowly rock me back to sleep almost every single morning… It all starts around 4 or 5am, so it’s early folk! Way to early for me but I guess that’s one of the setbacks for living free out of a Walmart Parking lot…

IMG 6161

Saw this #beaver in the back woods one day… A little wild life to get your day going…

IMG 6162

So, I was finally settled in… I met with my cousin who cashed my check… Everything was going surprisingly smooth… The next step was to get a job…

IMG 6164

There is a McDonald’s directly behind me and another inside the Walmart… I didn’t think to go into the one in Walmart for free internet at first but soon learned it was the easier one to get to… lol… oh the trials and tribulations of life!

IMG 6168

My plan of attack was to search for a temporary job around here where I could make enough money to pay off my #overdraft and make enough money to travel to a #SeasonalJob at a #VacationResort… Most seasonal jobs didn’t start until April but I hoped to find one that needed me early…

I also needed to get an oil change and an alignment! Already the front tires were wearing unevenly, so I had a lot of money to make up here to get these things done, pay off my immediate crippling debt and get to my next destination….

So, everyday I would get up and search for a job while visiting with my cousin so I could slowly rebuild my financial security… I got an interview at a very nice #ItalianRestaurant but slipped up by telling them about living out of an RV… I don’t think they liked that and I decided it was information I would not volunteer at future interviews… I don’t like to be deceiving but when they ask where I am living, I’m just going to say down the street… It’s not lying, it’s just leaving out a little information… Not what I like to do but I have to survive out here somehow…

IMG 6172

After I would exhaust all possibilities on the local job search in #Greensboro,NC for the day, I would go through the arduous effort of filling out applications at vacation resorts across the country… God, the #application process is so annoying! I wondered why I even put the effort up of putting a resume together when I have to fill out these many long applications… It’s the same crap over and over again and you can’t just upload your resume.. I guess the resorts want to know that you are serious about the job by filling out these ridiculous forms… I can understand their theorizing but I wonder how many applicants get too aggravated and give up the search all together… Well, those are probably the wishy washy people they don’t want anyway… lol… But there has to be a happy medium here somewhere because a server who has 17 years experience in the field shouldn’t have to fill out such ridiculous forms considering he or she has already proven to be a reliable server by being just that! But I understand why they do this also… It’s just so annoying and time consuming…

IMG 6175

But regardless of the long effort, I kept tackling it everyday at #McDonalds… I would buy a salad and sit for at least 2 hours a day, filling out applications… Then I saw an ad for a local Italian restaurant who was hiring and it was just down the street from me… I immediately got dressed up and went in for an interview! If I could walk to work from #TheFalcon, it would be perfect for me! Things seemed to be falling in place perfectly for me! Well, besides living out of a Walmart parking lot, that is… LOL!

IMG 6181

And this is where my next journey on #WendoverAve,Greensboro,NC begins folks! A little #Mom&Pop #SouthernItalianRestaurant called #VillaRosa! I went in and met with a sweet older Lebanese man named Anese… He looked at my resume, asked me a few questions and told me to come back at 5 to meet the owner… I was so excited because I knew I had the job right then and there! When I came back I met with this oder, #SicilianItalian man who reminded me of Paulie from the movie #Rocky… He mumbled his words and was a no shit taking type of guy… It was his restaurant and he is the type of guy who is there from open to close daily… The type of place I love to work!

I knew this was the job for me and just maybe I would stay longer considering I was working at a #FamilyRestaurant… I had this little notion that I just may stay in #Greensboro,NC longer than expected, if I liked where I worked… No expectations remember!

If I liked it here and found a reason to stay… why not? How delusional I can be sometimes but those delusions sometimes play out in your favor… It’s very rare and proved to be just that rare at this job…

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