Working at Villa Rosa in Greensboro, NC… (February 10th thru March 7th) 02/10/16- 03/07/16

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Alright folks, I’m going to be totally honest here! I love Rosa and Frank, who own #VillaRosa, but I was pissed when I started working for their company. We were basically getting paid $2 an hour, making an average of $50 in tips a night and they had us doing all kinds of ridiculous clean up, side work… completely exploiting the fact that we only cost $2 an hour… They even cut out the salad and desert chef and made the servers prepare them also… Why pay a guy $8 an hour when you can have the staff do it for $2 an hour?

Now for the ones who know me, I can’t keep silent for long with this type of shit going on! I let them know after a week I was onto their little so-called money preserving scheme and that I was not happy about it… I was rude and confrontational, even though I really needed this job. But it’s funny how you are thrown in these crazy situations and learn there is a much larger story here… I soon learned I was not seeing the whole picture here because I was too busy being all frosty about my rights as an employee and a human being! For this I am sorry and apologize to Rosa and Frank… When I’m wrong, I admit I’m wrong unlike some of the Republican candidates running for #President these days… I had to get that jab in there!

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I am all for the $2 an hour minimum wage as long as I am making enough in tips to supplement that money… I was not making those tips and that immediately became a problem for me! But little did I take into account what I was seeing around me as I walked to work… Everyone who knows me knows I have no love for the corporations in this country… But little did I know how much they are not only affecting how we get paid as workers but how they are pushing the #MomAndPop businesses out…

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Let me say it right now… #Greensboro,NC fucking sucks!!! It sucks big disgusting sweaty corporate balls! The walk to work is the least inspiring walk I have ever taken! Everywhere there is just huge highway streets with corporation after corporation littering the sides of the roads! You name it and that big disgusting business is in Greensboro in some sort of capacity… If I squinted my eyes I could actually see green clouds emitting from the buildings, fucking each other with pure horny greed! Just clouds of pollution having an orgy above our heads as we mindless drones walk into their advertising brothels to spend our hard earned cash! Probably cash that has been made from these same horrible monstrosities!

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#Greensboro is a perfect example of what these mammoth greed machines do to a beautiful city! They suck the culture, life and enthusiasm from these locations as they make tons of money at the #citizens’ expense! And it goes further than that folks because it doesn’t only affect us on a smaller level, it affects the #Mom&Pop shop which I was all to quick to condemn!

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I realized Rosa and Frank had no choice but to try and get every nickel of work out of their employees because they have to drop their prices so drastically just to complete with these soulless money whore machines!

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Oh and just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it did… Rosa told me a story about these fuck heads and what kind of games they play when it comes to competition with a #family run restaurant… One of the only things that keeps Frank and Rosa in business is the fact they are located amongst a lot of #hotels… They keep very close relations with these hotels and their #concierges… in return the hotels send their clients over to get some homemade #ItalianFood… I would go ahead and estimate that a good 50% of their business comes from these hotels…

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There’s Rosa… She is so cute and is just like your typical Italian Mother type… She is always worried about how you are and how you are doing… We immediately clicked because I was honest about my setbacks with their business… I have learned that honesty works in every situation, even if that honesty is insulting… Rosa understood my grievances and tried her hardest to make things run smoothly and in return I gave great service and tried to be the model employee…

Then she told me about a local #Corporation that was competing with their restaurant (I won’t mention their names because I don’t want their legal fuck whore teams coming after VillaRosa or myself)… I guess the manager of these money fuck holes has a quota to make or he won’t get his precious bonus… Which is basically the same as signing a deed with the devil in my eyes! I would rather be homeless and eating shit off the side of the street rather than sign one of those deals with these mammoth fucking monsters!

Well, that #manager and other managers of these Corporate restaurants were caught by Rosa paying off the concierges to bad mouth VillaRosa and send their clients to their place!!! Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?! Folks, what other evidence do you need to show that these assholes are not good citizens of this country! Here is one of the only Mom & Pop restaurants in the whole area, who are struggling to make a small profit and these multimillion dollar Corps are trying to take the small amount of business they have!!!! I told Rosa she should get a #lawyer, call the #LocalNewsChannel and go after these complete assholes!!! It’s not bad enough they are taking all of their business with their shitty under priced crap, now they are breaking laws just to get more business to feed their huge shit filled greedy bellies???

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When are we going to fucking learn???? You can say what you want about my support for #Walmart by shopping there but at least I am getting a free parking lot to park in, which is a lot more than you are getting by shopping at all of these fuck holes!!! I will not buy from any Corporation where I am getting the short end of the deal!!! It’s like we are just lining up like #cattle, waiting for them to give the order to slaughter us and put us on a plate for others to enjoy! Don’t be surprised if it comes to that because these fucking slimy lawyer equipped dip shits will stop at nothing to profit off of our misery as long as it makes them more money!

Is this really what we want our world and country to be? Do we really want every city and state to be littered with advertisements and blatant recycled businesses that have no culture or flavor what so ever!!! If you are a #capitalist and hate #socialism, you should be paying attention because if the Corps get all of the control, we will essentially be living like #communists, working for these monsters as they tell us what and how to do everything!!! Doesn’t sound like fucking freedom to me and if anyone of you #CorporateAssholes wants to sit down and debate this with me, bring it on you whores!!!! How you can defend such debauchery and keep a straight face shows what a fucking sociopath you really are! I don’t respect you and I will say it right to your fucking face!!! These huge mammoth companies are destroying this country and we are lining up handing them our money and freedom! How dumb can we really be?

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That was for you, Rosa and Frank!!!!! I am so sorry I was such a dick at the beginning and now understand your struggle! I’m also sorry for the harsh language on this post but I can’t attack these assholes without being brutally honest and that honesty requires such vulgar language to get my point across! You should go after these assholes with everything you got but I also understand you just want to make a living at what you love and know how to do and which you do exceptionally well! Your restaurant and food was excellent and it brings tears to my eyes that you have to conform to this ridiculous way of #business just to make ends meat! Please don’t give up because it’s people like you that make this country worth living in!! If you have it in you please go after those dickheads with everything you have but just staying open is a thorn in their side, trust me!!! If I had the money I would invest and spread your business but be careful you don’t become one of them… It’s hard to compete with such debauchery which has been built over years and years of court cases and slimy lawyer meandering and not eventually become the evil that you are essentially fighting… These assholes make you stoop to their level just win a small part of the fight!!! Oh what a dangerous conundrum we have created!

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On a kinder note folks, Villa Rosa was nothing short of amazing! Frank designed and remodeled the whole inside to look like an outdoor restaurant straight out of #Italy… I love how the Italians walk a fine line between classy and just plain tacky… It is an amazing blend which others could not get away with so easily and it brings so much culture to the place…

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From the water fountain you can throw a coin in to make a wish to the logo on the door mats when you walk in… Everything is Italian and they didn’t spare money when it came to their vision… It’s sad that the location they chose is in such a washed out, corporate greed fest because with the right location and with their low prices this place would be the “go to joint…” I would even go as far as to say if they opened up in #LittleItaly in #NYC, they would destroy their competition because not only is it beautiful inside but the food is nothing short of delicious and fresh…

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Everything is homemade! Even the Iceberg lettuce side salads which come with your entree are freshly cut in the kitchen during the day! No bagged lettuce here folks and trust me, you can taste the difference… Well, that’s if your taste buds haven’t been corrupted by the Corporate whore houses in the area with their below mediocre food! Rosa and I would joke about how people are becoming accustomed to shit food because that’s all they eat! It’s to the extent that customers send steaks back because they are not tender enough not knowing that the cheap shit steaks they get from the local #Fridays is manufactured out of ground beef and flour!!! They are even fucking with your tastebuds idiots!!! Think of that when you take your family to the olive garden for the free bread and cheap food! You’re eating shit that I wouldn’t even feed to my fucking dog yet you line up for more!!! We have become mindless cattle folks! We even line up for their shit food and willingly give them our money actually thinking we are getting a deal when we are getting completely ripped off! Think of that you mindless corporate sheep!!! This is what we are steering towards and we are accelerating the process with every burger, steak and salad we buy from these racketeering stooges!

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Everyday I would get a fresh salad at Villa Rosa… I forgot what a good Italian salad tasted like! They even make their own salad dressing for christ’s sake!!!! And don’t even get me talking about their sauce… Absolutely delicious and the portions are exactly what you expect in a #SicilianRestaurant! Lets just say you are probably going to be taking a #DoggyBag home…

Their #deserts are all homemade, except for the NY cheese cake! I loved their #BolognaiseSauce which Frank made me a whole container of to take on my trip back to #California… Then there’s the pizza! Never have I had #pizza that is comparable to the pizza you get at the #OriginalRays in #Manhattan!!! The dough is made in house, the sauce made in house and the pizzas are gigantic!!! I can’t tell you how many times I took a pizza back to #TheMillenniumFalcon! I think I gained about 10 pounds working at Villa Rosa because I couldn’t stop stuffing my pie hole! One of those rare moments where I would keep my mouth shut, so Frank was constantly feeding me… lol!

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Not only did Frank and Rosa make me feel like apart of their #ItalianFamily, they sent me off in style… With that big jar of meat sauce, they made me a pizza and stocked me up with some precooked pasta I could just heat up with the sauce… When I left the last night I worked and hit the road to start my trip to #DeathValley, CA,  I’m not ashamed to say I had a good cry…

Meeting and working with people like Frank and Rosa gives me hope in this world… And knowing their unnecessary struggles makes my heart ache because with the product they are putting out, they should be millionaires! I will do everything in my power to help them anyway I can… I know my blog isn’t followed by many but maybe one day I will get there and trust me Rosa and Frank, I will be vocal about your restaurant, your hospitality and struggle… And as you know by now, I have a really big mouth!!! lol!!!

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The last night I worked I parked the #RV in Villa Rosa’s parking lot… Immediately after work, I packed my fridge with the goodies given to me and hit the #road… I couldn’t spend another night in that Walmart parking lot so I sparked a joint (yes I smoke while I drive… Get over it! I haven’t had a ticket in 17 years so I can confidently say it doesn’t impair my driving) and drove for four hours and stayed in another Walmart parking lot… lol! I was just too excited to get back on the road with my tunes and pure freedom… If I didn’t leave that night, I would have never slept! God I love being on the road!

2 thoughts on “Working at Villa Rosa in Greensboro, NC… (February 10th thru March 7th) 02/10/16- 03/07/16

  1. It looks like a beautiful place to eat. And you should be happy to have found employment. When I traveled and rented an apartment downtown Charlotte years ago, I could not find any type of employment. At NJ people are still eating out and believe that this is all that they do for consuming. Next year I am planning on traveling to WI during the summer and South West during the winter. Park on BLM land for free! There is also a website that has free camping locations – some are for free and some very reasonable. Also when you find a location where you would like to live/work there are land contracts available in rural areas. Most of my life I worked for corporations and the USA is a corporation so do not expect it to improve. Stay strong and be well.


    1. Thanks for the great comment… Yes unfortunately this country is owned by the Corporations but us consumers that by their crap and work for them contribute to their power… We can’t just sit back and watch them get more powerful… That’s one of the main reasons I have downsized my life and am trying to be picky about where and how I buy… Support the small businesses… They are everywhere and are getting pushed out by the Corps intentionally!!! I believe that is the true treason this country is experiencing… Keep me updated on your travels and feel free to share some links on this blog… I would love to check out what you have discovered…

      Take care,

      The Traveling Mac


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