The Traveling Mac’s First Sand Storm… 03/28/16

IMG 6159

Holy shit! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, a #SandStorm comes!!! A sand storm? No one told me about these damn things… I thought this shit only happened in the #SaharaDesert!!! Well, I guess it happens in all deserts, including Death Valley and boy does it give you a different perspective on #GlobalWarming…

I mean, I know some have predicted  a lot of these storms in the future if we don’t clean up our act… experiencing just one makes me extremely nervous about this so-called future…

IMG 6841

So, basically I was relaxing in #TheMillenniumFalcon watching #CNN of all things… When my #RV started rocking back and forth violently… I thought it was one of my new colleagues from work screwing around with me… Eddie loves to come over and rock my RV until I get aggravated and start bitching… Just the type of guy Eddie is… 

IMG 6840

So, I headed to the door, all heated and ready to explain how rocking my RV fucks with it’s levels and stability… only to find this wave of light brown coming right for me! I couldn’t believe my eyes and these pictures do no justice to the immense, monster that decided to blanket the valley… You could barely see the mountains as the storm came and nothing was visible when it hit!

IMG 6843

The sand swallowed the whole area as wind blew me back and forth like it was trying to knock me over…

IMG 6837

I was a little nervous that this was not a normal occurrence and I somehow became apart of this Armageddon that was ending life as we know it in Death Valley…

IMG 6838 

But of course that didn’t stop me from going outside and taking some pictures… I had to watch out because cardboard, pieces of trash and metal objects were flying everywhere, engulfed in this mighty, whirling wind… Look above at this permeant metal object that was driven into the ground… It’s some sort of antenna or something…

IMG 6845

Well, it didn’t survive the mighty storm… It was ripped out of the ground and before I knew it, it was coming right at me… I tried to grab it but it hit the Millennium falcon and then was lost in the murky clouds of whirling sand…

IMG 6846

I had to constantly shield my eyes from the sand… The sand was stinging my face as it belted me… carried by the heavy winds… 

IMG 6853

My hair was whipping me also as it danced with the mighty wind trying to stay in sink with the well rehearsed sand… I had just gotten out of the shower… My hair was wet but dried out within minutes in this shit storm…

IMG 6854

The best hair drying I have ever had and I have to say, the sand did give it some volume… Maybe I’m onto something here… Just maybe a hair dryer that blows sand could be a big hit… Don’t knock it until you have experienced what volume sand brings to the table… No more days of flat head or hat head… Just pull out your sand hair dryer and you will look beautiful once again… lol!

IMG 6849

The sand was everywhere! It came through my stove vent and littered the whole top of my sink and stove… Water can’t seem to get into the Millennium Falcon but sand can? WTF? How is that possible? You can say I wasn’t too happy with the mess considering I just cleaned my whole #RV two days prior!!!

Even the toilet was covered in #sand and all of the windows had sand forming on their sills! It was complete madness I tell you! Complete madness!

IMG 6851

But I still had to go to work and had to make the couple minute trek to the #TollRoad… So, I got ready and pushed my way to work, getting pulled and pushed by the wind in every direction… I even stretched my arms out, thinking the wind was so strong it would maybe take me like a bird and give me flight…

IMG 6852

By the time I was on my way to work, you could barely see your surroundings… Everything was blanketed in sand and everything was being tested by the storm’s wind, the smaller objects losing the battle…

IMG 6857

Wow, Death Valley is a crazy, unpredictable place full of surprises!

 IMG 6856

I finally made to work and was exhausted by the time I clocked in… Wow, did that storm take a lot out of me and after about an hour of rocking in old Millie, I felt like the ground around me was constantly moving… It was like I stepped off of a cruise after a few days at sea… It was a very weird feeling…

But two good things came out of the experience… I got to witness my first sand storm and I had the best looking, voluminous hair in the restaurant! I had the hair that even the hottest of girls envied!

Oh yeah!


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