Rain in the Desert… 04/27/16

IMG 6218

Well, I have to say I felt pretty ridiculous taking pictures while my customers sat and watched me… but how can you pass up the opportunity to take a few shots of rain in the #desert?

IMG 6219

I thought it was a #sandstorm at first… Luckily I wasn’t too sick of the sandstorms at this point, so I started taking some pictures from inside the #BadwaterSaloon…

IMG 6220

I love how a huge blanket of yellow in the distance warns you of the upcoming chaos…

IMG 6221

You can hear the winds pounding against the doors and windows of the saloon as the storm approaches….

IMG 6222

Then you find yourself in the middle of it all… Everything in the background slowly becomes engulfed in the #sand as the mountains and terrain disappear right before your eyes… A trick David Blane would love to master, I’m sure…

IMG 6223

Then to my surprise, rain drops started pelting the windows… you could see patrons running for cover as the #storm intensified….

IMG 6225

And before you knew it, #DeathValley was a huge wet mess… You could smell a silvery, pungent smell in the air as all of the dry, dirty ground absorbed the #rain, quickly gulping it up while enjoying a quick, badly needed washing….

IMG 6228

The #rainstorm was short but the results were beautiful… The smell alone was enough to make you feel like a fresh start has come…

IMG 6229

The air was cool with spurts of breeze tickling your face… You could feel the moisture in the air… Probably not a big deal to most but when you don’t experience rain for weeks, you find yourself missing those smells and feelings…

IMG 6232

Not until the rain is over do you realize how much you missed it… And the whole change of weather in this #DryClimate intensifies your appreciation for such a common treasure you can get most everywhere else in this country…

IMG 6236

I was finished with work at 5pm… I couldn’t resist taking a beautiful picture of the the freshly washed #MillenniumFalcon on my way back home…

IMG 6237

She was in need of a good washing and boy did she shine afterwards… So grateful and proud to have her in my life…

One thought on “Rain in the Desert… 04/27/16

  1. Hi, I love your blog! I am 23 years old and have accepted a job at stovepipe wells, I was curious if you still work there?


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