Day 2: National Lampoon’s Vacation Tour- Cousin Eddie’s House, A Trump Protest & More… 10/3/16

IMG 9009

National Lampoon’s Vacation Tour Day 2, folks! We parked #TheMillenniumFalcon on a county road in #RockyFord,CO for the night… It was quite the rough ride to get out here… We were supposed to turn off at some small lake or something but we couldn’t find it in the dark… So we just found a nice spot along the road and parked…

IMG 9012

It was a pretty location with fields and some reservoirs but nothing really special… It sure was quiet, so it served its purpose…

I forgot to mention that we drove through #Coolidge,KS last night which is the town where Cousin Eddie lives in the movie… Not the location where they shot #CousinEddie’s scenes but the actual town mentioned in the movie…

The film location they shot Cousin Eddie’s scenes is actually in #Boone,CO… In some of the Cousin Eddie scenes you can see #mountains in the background… Something you would definitely not see in Coolidge,KS… If you look hard enough you can see the mountains peering through the haze in the film… The great late #HaroldRamos purposely tried to film this scene on a hazy day, so the #mountains wouldn’t show up…

IMG 9022

So, here we are folks! #CousinEddie’shouse! The actual film location! I don’t get excited about much in life but coming to this location was thrilling!

58909 Apple Road, Boone Colorado…

Unknown 2

Cousin Dale: Want a worm?
Rusty: No, thanks.
Hey, you got pac-man?
Cousin Dale: No.
Rusty: You got space invaders?
Cousin Dale: Nope.
Rusty: You got asteroids?
Cousin Dale: Naw, but my dad does.
Can’t even sit on the toilet some days.
Rusty: So, what do you do here, dale?
Cousin Dale: Well, I got a stack of nudie books this high.

IMG 9026

I was too afraid to go up and knock on the door… So, Tracey went up! I was so impressed! Not something Tracey does regularly…

The lady was so nice and didn’t even know this was a famous house until she had already bought it… She said people come to see it from time to time… Some come up and knock, most just take pictures…

Unknown 3

Cousin Eddie: Mmm, mmm, mmm.
I don’t know why they call this stuff hamburger helper.
It does just fine by itself, huh?
Uh, I like it better than tuna helper myself, don’t you, clark?
Clark: You’re the gourmet around here, ed.
No meat in this?
Ellen: You get plenty of meat at home.
Be polite. have some ketchup.
Clark: Real tomato ketchup, eddie?
Cousin Eddie: Oh, nothing but the best.
Ha ha ha ha. aunt edna!
Helper’s getting cold!

IMG 9028

I couldn’t resist a picture of The Millennium Falcon with Cousin Eddie’s house in the background… To think that #TheTravelingMac is actually at cousin Eddie’s house! It took me days to even come to terms with this awesome movie moment in my life…

IMG 9033

And of course Tracey and I had to get a photo op… I wish I put on a better outfit for the photo op but this is cousin Eddie’s house, so I think I was over dressed… lol… Plus we travel a lot and when you are on the road you tend to not care about your appearance so much because you just want to get on the road and get to the next destination…

Unknown 6

Eddie: This is for you, clark.
Clark: Oh, what is it?
Eddie: A gift.
Clark: Oh, you didn’t have to buy me a gift, eddie.
Eddie: Oh, go on, open it.
Clark: All right.
What the hey.
..eddie, you shouldn’t have.
You really shouldn’t have.
Rusty: Oh, those are great, dad.
Clark: Quiet down, russ.
Eddie: Try ’em on.
Clark: No, no, I don’t want to get them dirty.
A. Edna: I told you he wouldn’t like ’em, eddie!
Clark: I love ’em, eddie.
Eddie: I knew you did, because the last time I saw you, clark, you remarked about how much you liked mine.
Clark: Well, I guess we’d better be going now.

IMG 9046

It took Tracey some convincing but we finally left… I could have stayed there all day, had a BBQ and reenacted scenes in my mind… lol…

IMG 9065

Then it was onto the famous sexy car scene with #ChristyBrinkley… Harold Ramos blocked off a stretch along Colorado 96 and US 50 E, near 41st Lane, #Avondale,CO… What shows us that this is the location is that barn in the background above…

IMG 9066Red Car 1

If you watch this scene, they pass this same barn twice, showing that they filmed on one stretch over and over again and then cut and pieced them together to produce this iconic scene… In the film the barn is in much better condition… The barn is on the south side of route 50 between…

Images 2IMG 9090

Chico Rd and…

IMG 9078

41st Lane…

IMG 9071

Around mile marker 326…

Unknown 1IMG 9091

We had to drive back and forth a few times to get all of the pictures and there was a pesky cop hanging around in the area, which made me nervous going back and forth…

ImagesIMG 9084

And I couldn’t resist a little sexy Clark Griswold shot, flirting with the girl in the Ferrari… Wow, I look like a real creep… Sorry if I scared any of your children folks..

IMG 9098

Then it was onto #Pueblo,CO to the #Motel where the #Griswolds’ lost some of their luggage, which had their credit cards inside…

IMG 9106

This hotel is at 2130 Lake Ave in #Pueblo,CO… This motel was then and is still known as the #HookerHaven… Lol!


Ellen: Clark, I need my vanity case.
We’ve got to go back and look for it.
All my credit cards are in it.
Clark: Honey, number one, I’ve already called the bank and told them you lost them.
“B,” there’s no way we’re going to find it when we don’t even know where it fell off.
And three, I’ve got my credit cards, and we’ve still got plenty of cash, okay?
Ellen: No, we don’t.
You gave $500 to eddie, and everything on this safari has cost twice as much as you figured out.
Clark: Honey, there’s nothing in that luggage that can’t be replaced except for your diaphragm.
Besides, we can always cash a check down the road.
Don’t you trust me?
Ellen: As long as you don’t tie me to the rear bumper.
Clark: That hurt, ellen.

IMG 9095

Here’s the exact filming location… I put The Millennium Falcon in there for shits and giggles…

6faef14dfaa6f0a1115e25989995e460IMG 9093

You can see the building in the back is exactly where they are… It was just a different color at the time…

IMG 9104

And here Tracey and Dan are, wondering where their luggage is… lol…

IMG 9108

Well, after we left the Motel, Tracey found a nice Mexican restaurant to eat at in #Pueblo,CO called #TheGoldDustSaloon… But as we were driving we noticed some commotion going on down the street, just blocks away from our destination…

IMG 9120

And wouldn’t you know, Donald Trump was stopping in the exact same town we were going to get a bite… And his rally was starting in just an hour…

IMG 9122

Folks, how crazy of a coincidence is this? I hate #DonaldTrump and I know hate is a strong word, but it fully applies to this egotistical piece of crap…

IMG 9123

So, Tracey and I’s plans for a late lunch just got postponed to dinner… Because I was not missing an opportunity to protest this clown at one of his own rallies and hopefully keep him from getting into office…

IMG 9127

I feel it’s my duty as an American and there was quite a little gathering at this protest…

IMG 9128

With lots of well thought out slogans…

IMG 9131

And creative symbolism also…

IMG 9132

The rally was happening right across the street… We were blocked off with cow pens, keeping us from the ones attending the rally…

IMG 9134

I had a blast and was screaming every thing that bothered me about this man in simple, one sentence slogans…

Like “Trump actually thinks tabloid news is real news!”

IMG 9139

I was proud of my sign except for the fact I spelled “build” wrong… I was so nervous and anxious, I rushed my slogan and didn’t think it out first… What a jackass I am… I wasn’t going to share this stupid mistake but who cares…

IMG 9146

I’m a victim of spell check… What can I say… I soon scratched out the wrong spelling and corrected it…

IMG 9148

After about an hour of protesting, I was tired, had lost my voice but was also invigorated beyond belief… It was like therapy getting to scream everything I hated about this man which was all bottled up inside…

IMG 9158

We finally made it to the saloon where we enjoyed some good burritos and excitedly discussed the protest we had just attended…

IMG 9160

Then it was back to The Millennium Falcon so we could find somewhere to park for the night… What a great day full of #FilmLocations, #protesting and good mexican food… It was long day but an amazing one…

I will sleep with a huge smile on my face tonight with images of #TrumpProtests dancing in my head!

11 thoughts on “Day 2: National Lampoon’s Vacation Tour- Cousin Eddie’s House, A Trump Protest & More… 10/3/16

  1. Thanks for sharing. When my mum comes to the states she always talks of this film. I hope to take on a similar tour someday.


    1. Yeah, it was a really fun thing to do! Thanks for your comment and I hope you get to do the tour some day… You have to at least bring your Mum to see Cousin Eddie’s house… It’s quite the location!


  2. Looks like you had a great time following in Clark’s footsteps. I’m thinking of going out to Boone this week to place a geocache near Eddie’s house. I work some times for the EPA in Pueblo and drive past the Coronado Motel several times a day. Tried last week to place a geocache across the street from the filming location there, but it was too close to an existing location (there are rules against that), so I’ll move it to Boone. Thanks for keeping the flame alive!


    1. Thanks for following my adventures… I am new to these “Geocaches” you are talking about… I’m going to look them up… I would love to expand on the tour so others can follow… Any ideas?


  3. Hi just wanted to let you know the Gold Dust saloon and the pics from the anti Trump protest were all still in Pueblo,CO not Durango. Just a friendly heads up from a Pueblo Native.


  4. This was great! I ran across this post because I was just reading something about the Coronado Motel, which is now on the National Register of Historic Places . But just an FYI, you were in Pueblo, not Durango. I know cause I live here and recognized all the locations in your pictures. (Although I did not know about that Trump protest or I would have been there too!) 🙂


  5. We just drove by Cousin Eddie’s house! It looks like there are new owners, they flipped us off so we assumed that meant no pictures.

    We were planning on offering money just to take a selfie from the road, instead took a picture down the way.


    1. Wow! I guess they are new owners because the lady we encountered was so friendly. But I guess some people just don’t like tourists coming by. I’m sorry you got the finger. That’s just ridiculous. All they have to do is put up a polite sign and then no one will bother them.
      I tried to visit the house and neighborhood where “The Goonies” was filmed but they had signs up telling tourists they couldn’t come into their neighborhood. Disappointing but understandable. At least they put up a sign.


  6. We just drove by Cousin Eddie’s house!

    We were all excited to take a picture (from the road) but the new owners flipped us off so we assumed that meant no pictures.

    We were planning to pay for the picture but instead we just drove past the house and took a free picture on the road a little ways down.


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