A Hike to the Bad Lands through Zabriskie Point in Death Valley… 03/09/17

IMG 1289

There was this little rain drop named ‘loofy’ who lived up in the clouds, with no worry in mind…

IMG 1333

He was content and he had many friends… For there was no fighting or conflicts allowed up in the pristine clouds… All the raindrops had to live harmoniously together for it was all of the raindrops together that formed where they lived… if just one knowingly broke away, the cloud would turn dark and all the little raindrops would be ejected at a rapid speed…

IMG 1291

And the one grand rule that kept this cloud together was that no one ever talked about leaving the cloud… You never even thought about it or you would be kicked out, just so they could save the meticulously pristine environment they had formed…

IMG 1301

Well, one day, Loofy was enjoying a fluffy “Don’t drink the Yellow Snow” martini… When his best of all friends, streaky, came slushing over, very depressed…

IMG 1303

Loofy: What’s wrong Streaky?

Streaky: I just feel under the weather today, Loofy…

Loofy: But how could that be, we are up in the clouds… How can it be better than this? We don’t have a worry in the world?

IMG 1305

Streaky: Well, I ran into a dirty rain drop today…

(Loofy almost drops his fluffy cocktail, whispering intently)

Loofy: Shhh! Are you crazy? You can’t talk about this here! This cloud hasn’t had a breech since I remember forming as a raindrop! You are stepping on dangerous ground here…

IMG 1308

Streaky: I know, I know (whispering) but he was just so damn interesting…

Loofy: How in the hell did a dirty rain drop get all the way up here? Only pristine rain drops get to enter this cloud and even they are strictly screened… Have you reported this to the counsel? This could mean the end of this cloud!

IMG 1311

Streaky: Oh he was ejected pretty damn quickly… And guess what?

Loofy: Holy crap, is this cloud becoming a dark cloud? This is what they say…  how it happens…

IMG 1323

Streaky: He was happy…

Loofy: What?

(Streaky smiles off into the distance. Then lightning strikes and Streaky suddenly drops down into the fluffy, white abyss below.)

IMG 1337

Loofy: Oh no! Streaky, you can’t think about it…

(Loofy stops himself, stares off into the distance and puts his hand over his mouth.)

Loofy: Oh crap!

IMG 1433

(Loofy suddenly drops from the cloud, through a white, fluffy atmosphere)

Loofy: No! No! I didn’t think it! No!

IMG 1434

(He drops out of the fluffy cloud to enter a blue vastness. He screams as he looks around in amazement.)

IMG 1436

(The passing air makes ripples through his liquid body.)

Loofy: Wow! This isn’t so bad… This feels pretty damn awesome… Like having a fluffing up in the clouds…

IMG 1437

(Then he looks down and sees the actual earth from 1,000s of feet above and screams.)

Loofy: What the hell is that?

(He tries to frantically climb the air. Then he looks at the sun.)

Loofy: Please warm up extremely fast and get me back up into that cloud. Please!

IMG 1438

(Loofy looks down. The ground is quickly getting larger as Loofy pummels towards it. Loofy squints his eyes, anticipating the impact.)

Loofy: Ahhhhhhhhhh!

IMG 1439

(He then splatters onto a small patch of grass, surrounded by snow. Loofy slowly reforms on the blade of grass.)

Loofy: What in the hell… (exasperated) You can’t go through this… (Excited but also weary) I’m standing on ground! Wow! This is weird!

IMG 1442

(Then Loofy’s mouth starts to seal up.)

Loofy: (Mumbling) What? Whaaa…..

IMG 1448

(Loofy freezes solid. We see him frozen along with many, many other raindrops. Some look petrified. Most look happy.)

IMG 1449

(The course of many weeks passes. Loofy stays frozen in the same position. You can see angst in his eyes with a single teardrop frozen below it.)

IMG 1452

(Then the sun slowly gets brighter one morning and the whole area around Loofy lights up and snow starts to melt.)

IMG 1454

(Loofy slowly thaws as millions of other frozen rain drops melt also. Enthusiastic laughter and tales of adventure generate the area, as grass starts to pop out of the melting snow.)

IMG 1455

(Loofy just sits in awe, looking around at all of the other rain drops. They were all talking about forbidden things. Things Loofy had never even imagined. He notices another rain drop that just thawed right next to him. This rain drop is very dirty and has very lazy eyes.)

IMG 1461

Swimmy: Hey new dude… Welcome to an adventure…

Loofy: (taken back by his appearance) What? Do I know you? I’ve never met you before…

Swimmy: Easy there dude… It’s all good… No reason to be worried…

Loofy: (Puffing out his chest) Well… I’m not worried… How do you know I’m new…

IMG 1465

Swimmy: Look at you dude… I don’t think you have ever seen earth (Laughing) and it shows…

Loofy: (Looking down at him) Well… Look at your appearance… You have definitely seen a better day…

Swimmy: (looking at himself, chuckling) Oh yeah, I have definitely been through it…

IMG 1469

(Then suddenly Loofy and Swimmy’s bodies melt into a tiny puddle and run down the ground. You now realize they are on the top of a huge mountain with snow melting on its peak.)

IMG 1488

Loofy: (nervously) What… What’s going on?

Swimmy: Just go with it dude…

IMG 1492

(Loofy and Swimmy start racing down the mountain as they join other rain drops. Most of them are dirty and having fun. A few are clean and are scared out of their minds.)

IMG 1495

(Swimmy grabs Loofy’s hand as they slide down the side of the mountain. They catapult off of a boulder, streaking through the air, screaming. Then they soon hit the ground, rushing towards a cliff)

Swimmy: Yeah dude! This is the best one yet!

Loofy: I want to go home!!!

IMG 1499

(Loofy and Swimmy soon meet with a bunch of other rain drops, flowing frantically together on the ground. All are different in their own way. Each is having a different experience. We soon see that all of the rain drops are forming a crystal clear river, flowing down the side of the mountain.)

IMG 1503

Swimmy: You just hit the mother load on your first trip! We are going off the side of this mountain, dude!!!

IMG 1505

(Loofy looks straight ahead and screams in pure, utter fear. Swimmy looks like he is having the time of his life. Loofy squints his eyes in a show of pain, as they both go catapulting off of the side of a mountain. You see all of these individual rain drops forming this huge waterfall. Loofy and Swimmy are heard over many other rain drops’ screams)

IMG 1507

(The two, now with Loofy clinging onto Swimmy for dear life, drop into a volatile, fizzy white water below. They sink deep as they drift to calmer waters. They both float to the surface to bask in a bright sun, with green and white all around them.)

IMG 1509

Loofy: (out of breath) Holy God… I get up this morning, ready for a normal, peaceful day and I get this! What the hell?

Swimmy: I know, isn’t it awesome…

Loofy: Awesome? (In Shock) Awesome? Are you crazy?

Swimmy: I was going to ask you the same thing… hahahaha…

IMG 1511

Loofy: This is not a joke! I was living a perfectly normal existence… Now I am stuck with a bunch of dirty water on the side of a… What did you call this god awful thing? A mountain?

IMG 1514

Swimmy: Well, yeah… we did fall off of the side of a mountain… but its called a water fall…

Loofy: well how grammatically genius… “Waterfall… “Ha! More like ‘Water Suicide!”

Swimmy: No, no… you don’t get it… We are so important down here that they name a ton of things after us…

IMG 1517

Loofy: Really?

Swimmy: Yeah, we are pretty much like gods down here… I think because we never die…

Loofy: Well, shit… this is worse! What kind of a God would want this?

IMG 1520

(This gigantic water bug jumps up to them. You can hear loud thumping, splashing as he approaches.)

Loofy: (jumping back) What in the hell is that?

Swimmy: One of the many creatures that worships us…

IMG 1521

(The bug jumps over to Loofy and starts to suck on his head. Loofy slowly gets sucked into the bugs mouth.)

Loofy: What is going on? If he worships me than why is he sucking on my head?

(Swimmy grabs onto Loofy.)

Swimmy: Don’t worry dude… I’m coming with you… You have the best luck… (screaming) Whooo!!!!

IMG 1523

(Then a huge fish jumps out of the water, swallowing the bug, Loofy and Swimmy. They both escape the bugs mouth as they fall into the fish’s mouth.)

Loofy: Oh boy… This doesn’t look good at all…

IMG 1527

(Swimmy holds Loofy by the hand as he looks around in complete awe… You see a slight fish skeleton with meat on its bones… the sun can be seen glowing through the fish…)

Swimmy: Wow! I have never been inside a fish before… You are like a good luck charm… I have experienced more with you than I have the thousands of trips I have made before…

Loofy: Luck? Are you kidding me? Why are these things swallowing me? I don’t get it?

IMG 1533

Swimmy: They rely on us… They need us to exist…

Loofy: Well, this little rain drop wants nothing of it! They can exist on the rest of you! How am I ever going to make it back to the pristine cloud? I am so tainted and dirty already…

Swimmy: What are you talking about? That cloud is for losers… For people who don’t want to live life…

IMG 1536

Loofy: You call this living life pal? I could be drinking fluffy martinis up in the clouds right now… But here I am, stuck inside of a creature’s body with you, for what ever reason… Who the hell knows…

Swimmy: (smiling) Yeah, its pretty horrible isn’t it?

IMG 1538

(A gurgling sound is heard in the distance. A little stream of piercing light enters the fish’s body as Loofy and Swimmy start to morph, being pulled into the light.)

Loofy: Now what?

IMG 1539

(They are sucked through the body of the fish quickly, as they exit out of a tiny hole along with all kinds of other debris, which floats off into the distance. They experience a moment of calm. Loofy looks back and sees the rear end of a fish, swimming away.)

Loofy: I don’t even want to know what just happened… My imagination is doing cartwheels right now…

IMG 1540

(Loofy and Swimmy float slowly towards another stream of screaming rain drops, whipping down a water path.)

Loofy: Not again!

IMG 1545

( Swimmy and Loofy, holding hands, whip down the path… twisting and turning, every which way…)

Swimmy: Dude… This is so awesome…

IMG 1547

( A collection of rain drops directly ahead of them start spinning into a circle and disappear down a tiny, metal hole…)

Swimmy: Whoa! I’ve heard about one of these! Wow!

Loofy: You heard? What? You haven’t done this before?

Swimmy: Nah dude… this is extremely rare…

Loofy: Figures…

IMG 1552

(They both join the swirl as they scream and disappear down the hole. They race down a narrow, metal tunnel. Then it suddenly stops.)

Loofy: I don’t know how much more I can take of this? No wonder no one talked about this place up in the pristine clouds…

Swimmy: hahaha… wrong again…

IMG 1554

(You hear a rusty, creaking sound in the distance. All the rain drops slide forward again, rushing down a metal luge…)

IMG 1559

(Swimmy and Loofy, holding hands, look at each other. You see a small grin form on Loofy’s face.)

IMG 1563

(There’s a couple quick, twists and turns, as the speed of the flow picks up and the tunnel narrows. Loofy and Swimmy are squashed together as they are squeezed out of a tiny hole. They enter a white vastness, as they are shot up into the air. Loofy looks up in utter fear, as they approach a beige balloon knot looking hole. Swimmy looks back to see a gigantic shower head spitting a bunch of other rain drops into their direction. )

Swimmy: Yahoooooooo!!!!

IMG 1565

(Loofy and Swimmy grab each other in a full embrace as they are hurdled towards the beige colored balloon knot. They head right for the center of it. As they get closer, you notice little black hairs surrounding the balloon knot, as they are shoved up the center of it.)

IMG 1568

(Loofy looks all around him and sees deformed raindrops clung to the sides, all covered in brown muck. As Swimmy and Loofy slow down and stop, squished together.)

Loofy: Not much room in here…

(A brown rain drop clung to the side, reaches out in despair.)

Brown Rain Drop: Help! Help! Please! I’ve been stuck up here for what feels like an eternity.

IMG 1569

Loofy: Oh my…

Swimmy: Stop being a drama queen… He’s just trying to scare you…

Brown Rain Drop: No please… please… I can’t take it anymore… I need to get out of here… I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this is kind of a shitty place…

Swimmy: Hey, you signed up for the ride…

IMG 1571

Loofy: Hey, do you know how to get back to the pristine clouds?

Brown Rain Drop: (laughing) Why in the hell would you want to go back up there?

(Loofy looks at the rain drop like he has four heads.)

Loofy: Are you kidding me? It’s a lot better than this…

IMG 1575

Swimmy: (to the brown rain drop) New comer…

Brown Rain Drop: Wow! This is his first time and he ended up here?

Loofy: (looking around) You’re telling me…

Brown Rain Drop: You are so lucky!

Loofy: Well, I guess anyone is lucky compared to you…

IMG 1580

Brown Rain Drop: (to Swimmy) I can see why you are holding onto this one… Wow!

Loofy: Are you kidding me dude? Look, I know you are stuck to a shitty wall but that doesn’t improve my predicament any…

Brown Rain Drop: It’s all temporary… well, from my understanding at least…

IMG 1581

Loofy: (shocked) Wait… You are happy?

Brown Rain Drop: (looking at Swimmy) oh, only if we could go back…

Swimmy: (Chuckling) I know…

IMG 1585

(Loofy looks at them like they had lost their minds. Then screams are heard below. When they all look down, rain drops are falling out from underneath them.)

Loofy: (stretching his hand out to the Brown Rain Drop with a disgusted expression) Here! Grab my hand! I will get you out of here!

Brown Rain Drop: You will do that for me?

IMG 1586

(Loofy reaches out and grabs, barely getting a hold of his hand. Swimmy holds onto Loofy’s hand for dear life, as the pressure pulls them down, ripping the Brown Rain Drop from the intestinal wall. The three of them catapult down the tract. Loofy loses grip of the Brown Rain Drop.)

Brown Rain Drop: (As he is ripped away) Thaaaannnnkkkk yoooouuuu…….

IMG 1587

(Loofy and Swimmy get ripped out of the tunnel. Loofy looks back as they quickly descend from the flesh balloon knot, which is surrounded by two fluffy butt cheeks. They whip pass the Shower head once again and meet a bunch of screaming rain drops in a stream below, which quickly swirls them down a drain. They twist and turn until they drop a huge distance into a brown, smelly murk below.)

IMG 1588

Loofy: (excited) Did you see that? Did you see me save that guy from an eternity of shit?

Swimmy: Nothing is forever…

Loofy: Where is he? I want to talk to him about this! Wow, I am feeling kind of sad to see him go…

Swimmy: That is also temporary…

Loofy: Oh god, what is that smell? (He looks at his brown covered transparent body) Look how dirty and tainted I am… Oh my, I will never get back to the Pristine cloud looking like this. My perfect life is over…

Swimmy: Ah… it ain’t that bad… You have to learn to deal with such shitty situations… its apart of life…

Loofy: well, not apart of mine! I can’t believe you let me follow you here…

Swimmy: I was following you dude…

Loofy: How could you follow me? I have no idea where I am going…

Swimmy: Exactly…

IMG 1589

(Swimmy then let go of his hand and swims off.)

Loofy: No wait! Swimmy! I didn’t mean it! Wait… what did I say?

IMG 1591

(Loofy looks around a dark, brown, steaming pool of waste. Rain drops are crying in wallow everywhere he looks.)

Loofy: Is this what you all came here for? Is this the way you want to live?

(A bunch of the rain drops look at him and stop moaning to let out a little giggle.)

IMG 1593

Loofy: You have all lost your minds! How the hell can anyone be grinning in a place like this? You’re all sick, I tell you! Sick in the head! (calling out) Swimmy! Swimmy! I’m sorry!

(Loofy slowly drudges through all of the muck. He passes floating toilet paper and all kinds of disgusting waste. He finally reaches a dirt wall. He grabs a small ledge and hoists himself up on it. Staring off into the distance. Covered in all kinds of muck and waste.)

IMG 1596

(Lots of time passes. Every once and a while a fresh load of dirty rain drops would fall into the murky, black tank. The mood is solemn and silent. Then Loofy hears his named being called in the distance. He pops his head up.)

Loofy: Swimmy?

Off camera in the distance: Loooooffffffyyyyyy…..

(Loofy squints his eyes and sees Streaky slowly yet excitingly rushing through the sludge to reunite with his friend.)

Loofy: Streaky!!!! Streaky!!!

(Loofy drops off of the ledge and clumsily slops towards Streaky. They meet in the middle.)

IMG 1599

Streaky: Wow! I never dreamed I would see you again! You wouldn’t believe what I have been through!

Loofy: You? You wouldn’t believe what I have been through…

(They both excitedly exchange their stories. You can hear snippets of each others’ adventures. A bunch of time goes by and they both finally stop talking, out of breath.)

IMG 1600

Loofy: Wow! What an adventure!

Streaky: Who would have thought?

Loofy: I know… Who would have… Wow, the stories we will have when we get home…

IMG 1602

( Streaky looks at Loofy shocked)

Streaky: You’re going back? You can’t get back there!

Loofy: Well it may take an eternity to get back but I am going back for sure…

Streaky: I don’t understand you… Why would you want to go back?

IMG 1603

(A loud crash is heard in the distance. A sucking sound is followed as a huge beam of light encompasses the whole area. The light reveals all of this dirty, brown water with pieces of toilet paper and crap floating around. A large hole of light is seen above with the silhouette of a man working…)

Loofy: (nervously looking up) What is happening now?

(All of the rain drops scurry towards the light. Loofy grabs Streaky’s hand and pulls him towards the ledge he was sitting on. The ledge is illuminated with light. All of these little rain drops enter the light and then disappear like ghosts, floating up through the bright hole above.)

IMG 1605

Loofy: We have to get into that light if we want to get the hell out of this shit hole!

(Loofy slowly gets close to the ledge, just inches from the light when the light starts to disappear. Loofy scrambles for the ledge, leaving Streaky behind.)

Loofy: I’m sorry! I can’t take you with me!

(Loofy scrambles up onto the ledge and just barley evaporates into a ghost and into the bright hole above. He smiles as he floats into the air. He then sees Swimmy floating next to him.)

IMG 1606

Swimmy: Whoa dude… How are you man? This is my favorite part…

Loofy: (giggling) Yeah it tickles… Wow, what a feeling…

Swimmy: Yep, feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off of you…

IMG 1611

(Swimmy looks off into the distance, as they float into the large sky. He notices a ferocious, black cloud in the near distance.)

Swimmy: Well, I’m going to head over to that cloud over there…

Loofy: What? Why in the hell would you want to go to that one? It looks so hostile…

Swimmy: Well, which one are you heading to…

IMG 1613

Loofy: (looks around and sees a nice white cloud way up) I think that’s the one I came from…

Swimmy: What? Why would you want to go back to that cloud? It’s so boring…

Loofy: That’s exactly why I am going to scratch and scrape to eventually get back there… Even if it takes me an eternity…

IMG 1615

(Swimmy just smirks at him and drifts off.)

Swimmy: Suit yourself…

Loofy: Hey wait a minute, we hardly got to chat…

Swimmy: I have nothing to say…

(Swimmy drifts off to the dark cloud, where several bolts of lightning strike, making a thunderous roar.)

IMG 1624

(Loofy just stares at him in bewilderment. He looks towards the pristine cloud and floats his way in that direction.)

IMG 1626

(Tons of time passes as we see Loofy struggling to get to the pristine cloud but intercepted by dark clouds and being shot back down to earth only to struggle back up again. After an eternity of doing this, we see a disheveled, torn apart, dark Loofy stumble onto a white, pristine cloud. He is exhausted but has a content grin on his face.)

Loofy: (kissing the fluffy ground) I made it! I made it! Thank god, I finally made it!

IMG 1634

(He looks around to see all of these pristine rain drops conjuring together, nervously looking at him. One single rain drop slowly edges his way over to Loofy. He looks almost exactly what Loofy looked like when he was on the pristine cloud.)

Single Rain Drop: (very cautiously) Hey, how did you get up here? You’re not supposed to be up here…

Loofy: Oh boy, do I have a story to tell you!

(We pan back to see the pristine white cloud slowly turn dark.)


IMG 1638

Folks, this is what #TheTravelingMac thought about while hiking #ZabriskiePoint,DeathValley… I thought about the journey of the rain drop while I hiked this amazing area which was once covered by a lake…

IMG 1636

Zabriske Point was named after the Vice President of the Twenty Mule Team which mined Borax from this area… Borax is mainly used in soaps and was a very popular material to mine back in the days.. The borax was formed from the many old lake fossils in the area, broken down by hot springs, forming this slippery mineral used in soaps…

IMG 1641

#ZabriskiePoint was once a lake many millions of years ago… It’s so thrilling, knowing you are  probably #hiking the deepest dried up lake in North America…

IMG 1666

The fact that all of this water used to be here with millions of creatures swimming around it, boggles my mind completely…

IMG 1668

And that’s what prompted the thinking of a single rain drop’s journey… For water never truly disappears just like energy can’t… It just disperses and reforms… It is used and abused then goes up into the clouds just to do it all over again…

IMG 1676

It’s kind of romantic when you think about it and it can teach you many lessons in life… Take what you want from the story and form your own lesson because there are many lessons to be learned from this mighty earth…

IMG 1677

I hiked Zabriskie Point alone on the eve of my birthday… It was a good 4 to 5 hour hike where I got lost for a few minutes here and there… The #trail took me all the way from a high ground in #FurnaceCreek to one of the lowest points in the world…#TheBadLands… You also find the #SaltFlats out here and the history of #TheTwentyMuleTeam..

IMG 1678

I was turning forty three tomorrow and I can’t say I was thrilled about it… So, I decided to do a hike by myself to lift my spirits…

IMG 1688

The instant tale about the single rain drop soon cheered me up…

IMG 1689

I like to think something out in that vast #Universe was talking to me, trying to explain life to me in some sort of way… Well, whatever the reason, this hike was one to definitely remember…

We are all single rain drops with some sort of purpose in life, folks… Stop focusing on the good and bad things that happen in life and just accept that you are on a journey and have purpose… And on that journey good and horrible things are going to happen… But at the end of the day, if you are not experiencing life, what’s the sake of living?

Happy Birthday!

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