The Importance of Learning Science During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Listen folks, I haven’t posted in a long while. I don’t like to post about disasters like the coronavirus just to get blog hits. It just seems unethical to me. Yet I just previously finished writing a book in November 2019 about religion and physics working together instead of defying each other for the exact reasons we are experiencing today during this pandemic.

I feel the huge gap between religion and science is dangerous especially during pandemics because a certain group of people don’t trust our scientists and the vast knowledge they have. These scientists go through extensive learning, going to college for years upon years, some of them more than ten years sometimes, and are extremely smart and dedicated to what they do. Yes, science is not always right and no good scientist ever tries to claim he/she is always right. Actually science thrives off of being proved wrong, in extreme cases like these, knowing when something fails, they know it doesn’t work and are that much closer to finding what does work by being proved wrong. That’s what makes science such an amazing and trusted field. The fact that physical evidence and many trials performed to prove that evidence is true is there model. Politics and beliefs are not allowed to interfere in the experimentation process for hard evidence of something working is the only thing that will bring a cure.

Then I was immediately shocked and appalled when I read about the President of the United States floating the idea that injecting chemicals into the human body or somehow exposing the inside of the human body to U.V rays from our sun could help kill the virus. Yes, household cleaners kill viruses and have always helped kill viruses on counter tops and surfaces in our work places and homes. But to suggest that it is productive and there may be a cure to a deadly, complicated disease by taking simple household cleaners and experimenting with them by injecting these harmful chemicals into your body is just pure nonsense and extremely dangerous.

I understand that President Trump is a politician and he has the goal of leading a country and getting re-elected. But to the contrary to what he wants the public to believe, he does not know more than our scientists who have dedicated their lives to their field to advance the human race and preventing mass death from viruses like the coronavirus. Scientists have to be extremely intelligent to begin with, even before they take on the arduous task of learning what they now know just to get to the point of discovering new things and answers to complicated situations like the one that faces us today. Again, they labor in college for a ridiculous amount of years and during that time, rack their brains with an unsurmountable amount of knowledge that the average person would never be able to handle. That’s why problems like the coronavirus are not simple and don’t have simple answers like killing them in the human body with cleaning chemicals. And that’s why the explanation of the earth, universe and everything making it up takes years to learn and understand. For a leader to think he can grasp years upon years of knowledge by a briefing and then suggest remedies to be explored is just as dangerous as it sounds.

So long story short, I have written a book named “GLESTGAL (The order of creation- God, Light, Energy, Space, Time, Gravity, Atoms and Life.) This book tries to educate the average spiritual person about science and physics without offending their religion. This 288 page book gives you an easy understanding of our universe and existence around us that anyone picking up the book can understand. If you are wondering what drives these scientists to tackle the hard jobs they do, this book will help. We have to start at the basics and since folks have extra time at home to learn new things during these hard times, I highly suggest giving “GLESTGAL” a read.

If you comment on this blog and leave me your e-mail I will send you the book. I just want to help spread knowledge and help people who are struggling in this world today to understand it all just a little bit better. In no way do I try to offend anyone’s beliefs and I think everyone should also rely on  their beliefs, especially during these tough times. I just want people to realize scientists are here to help and a lot of them have faith just like you and me. Scientists have just learned to keep their faith yet rely on the facts together instead of allowing them to fight with each other.

I have written a description of the book below if you are interested. Thank you for your time and please keep safe during these complicated, tough times. And please listen to your medical professionals and scientists while keeping your loved ones in your prayers.

Thank you and keep safe,

Daniel MacMunn


The Order of Creation

God, Light, Energy, Space, Time, Gravity, Atoms and Life

One night, I was playing a board game called “Taboo” with a relative and his family. My relative was describing a word he was trying to get his son to say without saying the actual word itself. My relative’s angry description to his son went as follows… repeated over and over again in the time allotted:

“They say it proves God isn’t real!”
“It attacks religion!”
“It thinks it knows everything!”

Guess which word he thankfully failed to get his son to say?



This hit me like a truck because right then and there, I realized how conflicted some religious people are, especially my family. They actually think the pursuit of knowledge about the world and universe around and within us is a direct assault on their own beliefs; while at the same time they ironically sit on technological devices that were only made possible by the knowledge they reject and choose not to learn.

Of course ‘my way’ at first was to fight such theology, by calling these folks out and having discussions with them. If you can call two people passionately yelling and ignoring what the other is saying, a discussion… Well, that approach obviously didn’t work and will never work. If a person isn’t going to see the evidence of what they hold in their hand (the smartphone for example) and surrounds them, then how am I myself going to get them to see the light?

But I have found that the science side of it all isn’t so innocent either because when I’ve tried to learn physics in the past, the first thing they start talking about is ‘frames of reference’ and ‘motion…’ Probably the two most boring subjects in science to a new comer because its seems so basic and too simple to really talk about and learn, unless you really invest the needed time and energy to research such. Way too boring to give any religious minded folks their needed epiphany. So people lose interest right from the start.

Also science tends to fan the flames of the deniers by using religious words like ‘God’ and ‘Angels’ in their descriptions and discoveries. Not very responsible when religious groups are weary that science is trying to prove their God doesn’t exist and find this to be attacking what they believe, which is perceived as very condescending, sarcastic or even blasphemous at times.

But yet, I have found, there is a ‘light’ at the end of this tunnel. When you talk about light and its many properties, the information is interesting and what light can do is pretty miraculous. On the same note, when I research religious texts I have noticed that a lot of it revolves around light and its’ amazing properties. So since the holy books and the science community love light so much, I decided to try to get the the two beliefs to play nicely together utilizing these common interests. I knew if I started a book by describing light’s many mysteries to the reader, by showing the similarities of both beliefs, I could grab the interest of at least some of the religious without steering away from the scientific facts throughout the process…

And that’s how “GLESTGAL” came about… I just knew from experience and trying to talk to the spiritually minded people about this subject, that the only way to reach them is to get rid of their fear. They fear that science will prove or try to prove their God, which they have built their whole life, family and communities around, isn’t real. And honestly, coming from a religious upbringing, I have felt this fear myself. It is one of the worst parts of some organized religions and is the main reason it has such a hold on certain groups in our society today.

But also, scientists need to get better publicists, because they unknowingly fan those flames of fear. And when they do, they are just alienating the religious and halting their own progress throughout the process considering those same groups have a lot of say in the funding they need for their research and discoveries…

GLESTGAL (God, Light, Energy, Space, Time, Gravity, Atoms, Life ) begins by talking about God and light, showing their many similarities and how they compliment each other instead of defying each other. The non-fiction narrative goes into the basics of the holy books and shows how when you interpret them, with a scientific mind, science and religion actually work well together.

Let me tell you, I love the story of Jesus. Do I believe he was the son of God? I don’t know… Do I think he walked this earth? I think history shows he was around. I do believe that he was a genius and what he and others like him were trying to preach has been misinterpreted in every possible way throughout history. And if it was possible for someone like one of these holy men to come down to visit earth today, I believe he would welcome most of the achievements and advancements which have come from this beautiful world his father created yet he would vomit at the sight of what we will do to each other in the pursuit of wealth, to protect our own egos and beliefs…

“GLESTGAL” goes through a little of the story of the bible and shows how it actually supports evolution (amongst other scientific timelines) and shows the obstacles a man like Jesus had to overcome to teach a world of uneducated people, at the time, that there is much more to life when we unite together and look out into this amazing universe instead of only peering into ourselves.

Yet please don’t think “GLESTGAL” is a book of preaching because it’s not. “GLESTGAL” just tries to reach out to the spiritually minded and convey to them the amazing discoveries of this universe in the last few hundred years. Teaching its audience simple physics and showing them the amazing discoveries that have led us to this ever technological, confusing world we live in today by leading them through the simple order of creation- Light, Energy, Space, Time, Gravity, Atoms and Life. But also at the same time showing the scientifically minded that you can be a man of science and still live a life full of spirituality considering science shows that many things are possible out there, especially when you delve into the mysteries of light, this universe that surrounds us and the quantum inside of us.

Yet the main purpose of “GLESTGAL” isn’t just to bring science and religion together for “GLESTGAL” goes on to explain its’ own theories about this universe and how life seems to have a much bigger affect on this vast universe, more than any scientist or worshipper could ever imagine. Not a simple philosophy per say, yet a theory supported by the hard evidence discovered over the years, especially by the most recent epiphanies.

“GLESGAL” is a book of many facets and the reader will not feel they are being taught or being preached to, for the journey they embark on is an adventure in itself, simplified so it can be easily understood. Guiding the reader through chapters explaining the main elements of creation, what makes everything up within us and around us while exploring chapter by chapter a certain order that makes the physics of it all easier to understand. Then closing with a theory that ties up some of the most complicated, unanswered questions in physics, philosophy and religion. “GLESTGAL” tackles a huge, complicated subject and simplifies it all in its 288 pages so even the most extreme novice can understand yet still keeps the interest of the experts at the same time.

For when you look at this amazing existence and the universe that surrounds us through the spiritual/scientific eye and incorporate life into the equation, “GLESTGAL” shows just how important and powerful life really is and just how much ‘the choice of life’ affects everything with-in us and in the vast, seemingly infinite universe which surround us even though we seem so small and insignificant in comparison.

It appears the author is trying to tackle a feat that seems pretty much insurmountable in this day and age yet I will leave you with this personal experience that helped the book “GLESTGAL- The Order of Creation” come to be.

At one time in my life, I was working at this busy breakfast joint in a small town with a very small population. I was working with a fellow waiter, who is a Jehovah Witness. His family came in one day for a bite, when I noticed his daughter was slightly physically challenged. I knew this because I have a sister who has CP and grew up exposed to a lot of physically challenged children.

This co-worker knew I was a man of science and somewhat spiritually minded. He confided in me about his daughter and explained to me how his religion wouldn’t allow him to have her checked by a doctor. I could see and feel the pain he was going through. I obviously tried to help him by pushing him towards a doctor’s visit yet throughout the discussions we started talking about religion and science. His knowledge of religion was way beyond mine and was comparable to my own knowledge of science.

I was amazed at how open to my discussion he was and how he really wanted to learn about science. For he knew deep down inside that the discoveries we are making and the science that supports them were real and could possibly help his daughter. Yet his fear of being excommunicated by his small religious community, if he pursued such, was definitely the deciding factor.

Folks, we have to try to reach out to these conflicted people even though it seems like a taboo subject that shouldn’t be explored or even discussed. “GLESTGAL” is a book that hopes to achieve just a little of that huge goal in a pragmatic way, hopefully helping to bring us together on this future journey, which I believe can continue for thousands or even millions of years to come.

For there is no denying that this universe is completely amazing and is full of so many discoveries and inventions we never thought possible. Hopefully “GLESTGAL” can open some minds and make that seemingly unsurmountable feat seem not so impossible anymore since we are embarking on unimaginable journeys as we discover more and more. For if a God created this amazing existence then why wouldn’t he want man to explore its’ unfathomable beauty? The tools seem to be there to use, so why would it be forbidden to use them?


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